Advertising in a Post-Pandemic World

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Advertising in a Post-Pandemic World

As we’ve all come to realize, the pandemic is inflicting lasting changes on industries of all kinds. In consumer-facing industries, these changes are likely to include even more of a shift toward digital advertising platforms. While the transition toward digital methods is not new, it’s fair to say that it’s been sped up, and is likely to continue doing so. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the specific changes we’re seeing in marketing, and most importantly, why they are necessary.

More Online Shopping

At the height of the pandemic, we saw in-store traffic decreasing. And while in-store shopping bounces back, it likely won’t return to pre-pandemic levels. This made a lasting shift even more toward online shopping, where digital marketing has become necessary for businesses to meet online shoppers where they are. Mega retailers like Amazon have been setting the stage for situations like this for years, and now, more businesses of all types and sizes must follow the example and gear their marketing and advertising online –– with everything being just a click away.

Career Directions

As a natural consequence of digitalization, careers in communications are already shifting naturally toward digital and data-driven marketing. Positions such as advertising manager, marketing specialist, and even social media specialist are fast-growing roles, and all involve concentration on data, trends, and market analysis. People are training in various skills and on various platforms to join companies as digital marketers, such as running Google ads, Facebook ads, or even connected TV ads. And as an added bonus, such career paths are also suitable to the emerging WFH environment, within which people can easily contribute to employers’ online marketing needs from virtually anywhere.

Work-From-Home (WFH)

Employees from all backgrounds and industries are finding themselves working from home using laptops and phones instead of working in an office environment. As a result, they usually find themselves doing a little more personal browsing, meaning more opportunity for advertisers to engage with their consumers.

Targeting Specific Audiences

Demographics are vital for reaching your audience in modern marketing. Keynes Digital provides the resources to help advertisers make sure they get their messages In front of people who are more likely to want or need their products or services. Increased screen times and content consumption allows us and advertisers to continue to learn more about audiences. This allows Keynes and other digital advertising services to have more access to consumer data than ever before, which only improves their ability to implement targeted digital marketing efforts.

People Are Staying at Home

Now with more people deciding to spend more time at home –– even outside of working hours –– they are also changing their day-to-day habits. Many people are doing more exercise, starting new hobbies, and just enjoying their free time more. As a result, people are also using their mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and TVs more. This gives programmatic advertising agencies and advertisers more opportunities to tailor content to the needs of their audiences –– which also falls under the digital marketing umbrella.

Cost-Effective Advertising Platforms

Digital ad platforms tend to be one of the most affordable forms of outreach for advertising. Rather than paying for an advertisement in the traditional sense, advertisers can now take advantage of programmatic using device displays, audio devices, and connected TV devices to put content in front of consumers. Connected TV advertising in particular is a fast-growing channel because it helps advertisers intelligently and efficiently reach cord-cutters who are no longer seeing conventional TV ads.

Considering all of the above, it’s fair to say that the pandemic has expanded and built up the opportunities that digital marketing had already begun to provide for businesses. Some of the conditions described above are not permanent, and the post-pandemic world will revert at least somewhat toward the “old” normal. But the advantages of advertising platforms that have become ever more clear are likely to remain and innovate into new advertising platforms, and companies will continue to prioritize these methods as the industry grows.

Written by Emmie Landyn

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