CTV Ad Platform

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CTV Ad Platform

Long ago, the CTV industry replaced conventional linear TV and cable streaming services to view entertainment content. While technology is evolving faster than ever, CTV platforms are the future for advertising and streaming video content everywhere. Under a rough estimation, there aren’t many households (more than 90% of households with a CTV appliance) without a CTV service connection. 

What is CTV, and what lies beyond the aura of cord-cutting in the 21st century? CTV or Connected TV is any device connected directly or indirectly (through a connection medium) to the internet to display video content streaming. 

Connected TV came under the limelight with the introduction of the “cord-cutting” phenomenon embraced by television audiences worldwide. Cord-cutting means getting rid of any cable or antenna service to view video content, which has been happening since the inception of the TV era. 

There are certain distinct types of CTV

  • Smart TVs
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Smartphones 
  • Tablets and iPads 

With the rise of CTV, a thoughtful renaissance also took place in the advertising sector. CTV ad platforms introduced an advanced advertising format through CTV platforms and channels. These Ads are mostly unskippable and are leading prospering advertising campaigns. Some of the paramount CTV ad platforms are: 

  • X-Box, PlayStation
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Android and Apple smartphones 
  • Chromecast
  • Hisense
  • Philips, and LG Smart TV

With the abundance of internet facilities and faster broadband connections, people have already switched to at least one of the CTV devices. There’s simply no escape to not viewing CTV, a blissful era of marketers and advertising agencies. 

CTV Growth

CTV growth has given abrupt statistics in inclining everyday household outreach. The era after the pandemic hit the broadcasting industry shows off a groundbreaking figure of people who switched to CTV platforms or services.

CTV Statistics

CTV growth is already fueled by some of the ecstatic streaming features offered by various CTV service providers or platforms. You can quickly overview how the CTV market developed through the last few years. 

  • While COVID-19 hit the global markets, the outreach was 59%, which grew to 80% within a year. 
  • Around 80-84% of outreach inhibited by the US households in 2021 has reached up to 94%. A straightforward 10% incline is an astonishing move achieved by the CTV industry while benefitting CTV ad and content-creating inventory. 
  • The average number of CTV devices being used daily is 300 million. 
  • With global events (the recent sports world cup), audiences are likelier to stick to their TVs, giving a major viewership count. 

TV Ad Spend By Industry

The number of programmatic-supported CTV apps has risen to an all-time higher ratio of 700 million in the US alone. The net worth spent on TV ads or CTV advertising has drastically sored after 2019, increasing by 105% in 2020 and onwards. 

Similarly, classifying TV ad spending by industry also laid consequential figures. 

  • The post of highest TV ad spend is grabbed by the life and entertainment industry in the US with a net expenditure of 10.1 billion dollars. 
  • The innings won second place in the medical and pharmaceutical industry with an overall ad spend of 5.6 billion dollars. 
  • The food and beverage industry’s estimated advertising expenditure is 4.5 billion dollars. 

CTV Partners

Advertising experts were surprised to see the humongous growth interval followed by CTV advertising. A year ago, in 2021, the ad spending for the first half ranged around 16 million dollars, followed by an 8% increase rate afterward. 

Such impeccable growth turned out to be a great favor for CTV partners like Keynes Digital, with skillful expertise in CTV advertising services. 

Nowadays, big CTV providers like Roku, X-Box, Apple TV, etc., are approaching CTV partners for booming advertising campaigns. Indeed, CTV advertising growth brings triumphant benefits for CTV partners and providers. 

Keynes Digital – Your Ultimate CTV Partner 

Here is how Keynes is serving the cause with a professional trajectory: 

  • Our made-to-measure advertising plans are just how you want them to be trackable metrics. From structuring tailored campaigns to optimizing and calculating real-time growth, we can do everything. 
  • Keynes Digital is a full-service company where you’ll gain insight into all advanced tactics to manage your advertising inventory. 
  • Our AI-based data analytics system will make you win the max out of an ongoing advertising campaign to retarget a particular viewership. 
  • Our reporting engines are so diverse that you don’t miss a point at any campaign’s demographics. Everything is calculated, covered, and utilized to its full capacity! 
  • There’s no timeframe to consult our long-serving and advertising maestro experts. 
  • An unvanquished display attracts new consumers while religiously serving the older ones to stay forever. The good news is, we know how to do it perfectly!

Connected TV

Connected TV has shifted and uplifted the TV and advertising industry through unimaginable boundaries. The 21st century is the most fastly evolving era, which means one has to synchronize with the speedily drifting trends to become functional. CTV advertising has brought a new aura of entertainment, marketing, endorsements, and streaming for every sector of life. 

Here we’ve shortlisted the three most potential ways followed by Connected in bringing up a disruptive transformation. 

1. CTV Channels – Viewer’s First Choice 

The introduction of CTV devices like smart TVs, premium gaming consoles, and applications has made viewers already get rid of their conventional cable-connected devices. With access to an internet connection, they want to cherish multiple shows through various channels. 

Unlike the older formats of video streaming, where only selective shows were displayed that too been telecasted beforehand. CTV devices have allowed them to watch what they like and when they want to view it without missing any show. 

2. CTV Evolution – An Evolution For TV Networks 

According to an estimated overview, today, CTV devices are accessible in more than 90 % of US households. With controlled viewership, the demand for displaying custom-tailored content for a particular audience becomes greater than ever. 

Every other CTV channel or OTT platform comes up with more divergent content now and then. Hence, TV networks are thriving to stay consistent with their content’s quality, uniqueness, and viewership. 

3. Marketers Dream – CTV Advertising 

While TV networks are always on the run to present their best on the table, marketers have their dreams come true. The improved insights into advertising progress and trackable metrics are a win-win for advertising inventory. It has given advertisers magnificent control over marketing campaigns and finding realistic solutions in case of any hurdles. 

What is CTV channel, and why they became essential advertising sites? CTV channels have become the go-to sites for promoting a brand’s presence in the communities, given the fact that CTV devices have reached most households in the US.  


CTV vs OTT vs Linear TV 

The three video streaming platforms often cross paths for their roles in video streaming and advertising services. Let’s find out which ones of them are interconnected or distinctive from each other in a brief facts breakdown below: 

CTVConnected TV

  • CTV is a device connected with an internet connection. 

  • CTV hosts OTT as CTV channels to view video content in different formats. 
  • Abides by the cord-cutting phenomenon. 

OTTOver The Top

  • OTT is the premium content displayed through the internet on CTV devices
  • The content follows the VOD or Video On Demand configuration. 

OTT vs Linear TV

  • Linear TV is a conventional content streaming platform that displays pre-recorded entertainment shows. 
  • Linear TV differs from OTT in content variety and streaming controls. 

OTT vs CTV Advertising 

There is no objectionable difference between OTT and CTV advertising apart from their hosting mediums. Both are meant to reach viewers based on their interests and the brand’s goals. 

CTV/OTT vs Linear TV Stats 

After analyzing the reachable viewer count and trackable data, we’ve concluded the following figures: 

  • Target Audience (Gen Z and Millenials for CTV/OTT & Gen X or 50s onwards for Linear TV)
  • Reachable Audience (More than 80% for CTV/OTT and 92% for Linear TV
  • Subscription count (Three folds increase in CTV/OTT subscriptions, far less than new linear TV users) 


  • The merits of CTV/OTT are user controls, better audience targeting based on trackable stats, and cross-screen targeting. 
  • Linear TV has the largest market with 1st and 3rd party data applications. Advertising is cost-effective and expanded. 


  • The demerits of CTV/OTT are cutthroat competition, fragmentation, limited inventory (IP-based targeting), etc. 
  • Linear TV is losing popularity because of advanced advertising tactics and soon be completely replaced by CTV advertising

What Is CTV Advertising?

CTV advertising has already become the face of marketing today and in the following years. For a commercial to be purely a CTV ad, the required characteristics are: 

  • A Full Episode Player (FEP Version) displayed on a TV network. 
  • It must be comprehensive and have clear branding tags. 
  • A user-generated commercial doesn’t abide by the CTV or OTT inventory. It must be discretely generic! 

The Basics Of Advertising Strategy – OTT / CTV Advertising Examples 

Be it CTV advertising examples, such as unclickable ads, or OTT advertising examples, such as long video ads; the advertising strategy is constituted by: 

  • Direct Response Marketing (Targeting specific consumers, measurable through sales, short-term growth) 
  • Branding (Targeting general audience, trackable metrics, long-term strategy)

Industry Expert Insights

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