Dan Larkman

Starting his career in the UK, Dan has worked with some of the worlds largest brands such as Expedia, Spotify, Nike, and Sony Pictures to name a few. In 2011 Dan took a position in the U.S. where he helped start a video ad network for Adconion Media Group (now Amobee). He subsequently started and ran multiple Performance Analytics and Client Services teams for another programmatic agency before founding Keynes Digital. It was his experience with working in leadership with other agencies that compelled him to launch Keynes Digital whereby he would eliminate wasteful expenses, offering end-to-end reporting with the level of detail advertisers demanded, pricing transparency on media buys, and a full-service account management team. Dan knew firsthand that with the commoditization of inventory and data, the easiest way to provide advertisers with incremental performance gains was to eliminate the wasteful corporate expenses that makes antiquated agencies a dying breed. Under Keynes Digital’s business and operating model, everyone benefits. Trust, honesty, integrity, and business ethics are more than words, it’s the very fabric in which Keynes Digital operates.

Lead Advisor/Board Member

Fiona Mckinnon

“I am delighted to support Dan and his vision for Keynes Digital.  For too long, complacency has allowed for hidden fees and substandard performance to become the industry norm. Keynes Digital offers advertisers and media buying professionals the ability to be truly transparent, informed and progressive in their cross media marketing strategy.

Keynes’ reporting platform delivers the deepest level of performance data insight I have seen; enabling brands and buyers to take control of their customer and data acquisition strategy to deliver cost effective results across TV, online and digital audio audience.”

Fiona Mckinnon