How To Advertise On Hulu

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How To Advertise On Hulu

Hulu Ad Manager

Hulu is a leading premium streaming service that offers on-demand television content, movies and live programs. These programs can be watched across any device at any time of the day or night. For those wondering how to advertise on Hulu, the primary option is to look into Hulu advertising with the Hulu Ad Manager. This is a self-service ad platform that allows advertisers to set up TV commercial campaigns programmatically along with flexible budgets with low minimum spending.

Hulu advertising costs vary. Flexible budgeting through Hulu Ad Manager allows advertisement budgets as low as $500. Ads are played to the viewers with Hulu plans, which allows advertisers to learn more about the audience and to have access to better targeting options.

Hulu Ad Manager gives advertisers direct access to reports on the status, progress and optimaization of their ad campaigns.

Hulu Ad Formats

Hulu ad formats only allow for 15 or 30-second ads with HD, stereo sound quality in MOV or MP4 file formats.

They also have to abide by the Hulu Advertising Policies. All ads are reviewed for compliance with these policies and may take up to three days to gain approval.

The policies are relatively straightforward. The ad may not include Hulu’s branding in any way, and it may not promote violence or criminal activities. The ad cannot be harmful or use obscene or profane language. The ad also must not promote or constitute libelous, defamatory, distasteful or offensive content. The ad must not violate any laws or infringe on others’ copyright laws. These are just some of the requirements.

Hulu does have the right to ask for modifications to ads prior to approving them and even after they are approved. It may also waive the rules under some circumstances. In the fine print, Hulu states that advertisers are responsible for complying with the regulations of the industry and approving an ad does not constitute an endorsement of a product, service or idea.

How Does Hulu Advertise?

Are you asking yourself, “how does Hulu advertise?” When advertising to a chosen audience, there are a few things that advertisers should know about Hulu. Hulu ads are shown in genres or even by a specific streaming show. Hulu advertisements are able to be targeted to a specific audience by gender, location, age, interests and show genre. Advertisers may also narrow down their targeting by geo, state, city, or ZIP code.

Hulu commercials are seen before and during the shows and movies they want to watch. It’s a similar process to TV commercials aired on traditional broadcast television. There may be up to four ads between these non-skippable ad breaks. This gives advertisers an opportunity to have their brand name, brand campaign, and brand message seen by their consumers.

Hulu Ad Products

Hulu Advertising allows advertisers to build interactive and video ads. So, there is a potential to reach even those who have paid for upgraded services with fewer ads.

Hulu ad products may include content from HBO or SHOWTIME.

On the Live TV plan, live streams may host ads throughout a program. Recordings may host ads on the Cloud DVR, as well as on-demand content from network providers.

Hulu commercials occur prior to the start of a video. Hulu advertising can also be interactive to create a personalized experience for the viewer. With interactive ads, viewers may click on the ad to choose one of three ads they are being suggested. If they like one more than the other, they can select what they’d like to watch. Some other interactive ads take viewers to a webpage or other location to make a purchase or learn more about a product. The nice thing about these ads is that they require the viewer to get involved, which greatly increases the watch rate.

Hulu Advertising Strategy

One of the benefits of serving ads on Hulu is the privacy and legitimacy policies of its platform. Hulu Ad Selector, for example, targets ads to those who want to view them when given the option. Hulu targeted ads are able to serve campaigns to audiences accurately and effectively, especially through the strategy the advertiser or agency puts in place.

Hulu Tips & Tricks

If directly using the Hulu advertising self-serve platform, it may limit advertiser’s reach to their consumers. However, if using Hulu advertising platform, it’s very important to become familar with Hulu ad formats to develop a strong Hulu advertising strategy.

To create a strong Hulu marketing plan advertisers must solidify their audience personas for their targeting capabilities to reach thousands of consumers and build a credible name for themselves, being that they appear on a well-known, premium network and TV screen. Also, by working on a single advertising platform, advertisers can see what does or does not work for the audience and finesse their ads to bring in the greatest return on investment.

Agencies have the tools and expertise in formatting for multiple CTV platforms, making advertisers’ Hulu marketing plan extremely effective. They are known to have the skill and relationships to negotiate better rates and have the industry experience with programmatic advertising that drives the best results for their partners.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On TV?

How much does it cost to advertise on TV? Well, it’s safe to say it’s quite different on connected TV than any traditional television that we are all used to using. Ads are not as generalized as they once were, and that makes for major changes in what one viewer sees over the other. The cost for airtime is usually much higher with linear television because a broader audience sees each ad. However, Hulu advertising can get expensive as well, since they are tightly targeted.

The biggest takeaway is the audience targeting opportunities that linear TV just cannot provide. For example, advertisers have the option of working with Hulu ad specs and creating a targeted Hulu advertising campaign aimed at a specific demographic, while linear TV may aim an ad at a specific time slot.

Hulu CPM

In a Hulu marketing plan, Hulu CPM becomes very important. From 2019 reports, the Hulu advertising CPM sat at around $25 per 1,000 views. To put it in perspective, Statista found that the average CPM for national broadcast TV in the United States is $36.19. This is important to recognize because it shows how expensive linear tv can be without the abilities connected TV can provide an advertiser. The cost-benefit ratio just isn’t there anymore.

Looking at the Hulu commercial list 2020, the Hulu advertising cost 2020 ranged from approx. $20 to $40 for their CPM. These Hulu ads 2020 marked the rise of connected TV over linear TV. Linear TV subscribers substantially dropped as CTV viewers skyrocketed. Connected TV offers on-demand content that doesn’t need to be recorded to watch later and an abundance of inventory to choose from. No times or days restrict consumers any longer.

Hulu Advertising Campaigns

Hulu OTT advertising offers unprecedented targeting with exclusivity that helps build brands with strong recognition. Comparatively, local TV spots for linear TV may run as little as $5 to $10 per 1,000 views, but national television runs approximately $155,000 per campaign. This may be far out of the budget of smaller advertisers. Despite the high cost, national television may not reach as many viewers.

CTV is targeted, which makes it the better option for most campaigns. On top of that, it’s more cost-efficient, starting at as little as $10k.

Hulu is a top-tier network for advertisers because it creates brand recognition for the consumers of the brand. It creates credibility by placing an ad on TV and reaches the correct audience when targeted correctly. Ads don’t have to run at specific times of day but instead reaching consumers on their schedule. Those consumers are more likely to be actively paying attention when the ads appear and to be more likely to interact as a part of the viewing experience. This makes it more likely for ads to get in front of those who will make a purchase or invest their time in watching.

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