Promotional Best Practices

Q4 2023 Holiday Creative Deadlines

Thanksgiving/Black Friday

Cyber Week


New Years

Monday, November 13, 2023

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

**This timeline assumes ads are up to spec. If changes are needed by your team and the final versions are sent past these deadlines, we cannot guarantee prompt delivery. Exceptions will be made on a case to case basis.

Standard Promo Best Practices

  • If there is a promo, feature that clearly in the copy when possible. If you do feature the promo copy, have it present throughout the entire ad.
  • If there is a redemption code needed for the promo, it’s recommended to feature this code on the homepage of your site. Users likely won’t remember the code from a video or display ad but will be reminded once they navigate to your site and see it there.
  • It’s encouraged to have a sense of urgency in the sale copy. Call out the end date of the promo or use phrases like “1-day only” or “limited time offer”.
  • Given there may be changes in promotional schedules during the holiday season, it’s recommended to create a generic holiday video ad or a set of generic holiday display creatives that feature something like, “shop now for holiday deals” or, “up to 50% off this holiday season” as a backup. This is also useful if you don’t have the resources to build ads for shorter promos.
Connected TV
  • For promos lasting at least 1 week, we’d suggest updating the Connected TV Video to feature that, if possible. Ideally, the video is holiday/promo focused in general, making it clear there is a sale happening.
  • If the video is updated, begin right away by letting users know about the promo to capture their attention within the first 6 seconds of the ad.
  • If you’re not able to revise the entire video to include sale content, it’s recommended to at least leverage the end card to feature the sale copy. Swap out your evergreen end card to feature the promotional copy, encouraging users to visit the site.
  • Similar to the above regarding the end card, you can also use an overlay to feature the promotion.
  • For promos shorter than 1 week, use the companion ads to call out the promo. These are typically much easier to create/update to align with your promo schedule. They also have a much quicker network approval time.
  • If the display ad is corresponding to a Connected TV campaign and being used as a companion ad, mirror the look/feel of the video. This encourages brand recognition.
  • Use animation to capture users’ attention. HTML is best in order to adhere to the file size guidelines (max 150 KB).

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