Tech Partners

Cross-Device Partners

Keynes partners with only the best industry-leading cross-device solutions to target and report on the correct consumer, ensuring reliable and verified campaign performance and insights. As outlined by the Media Rating Council (MRC), certain identifiers, such as IP addresses, are considered of insufficient quality, granularity, or stability to form the basis of developing audience-based “unique.”

By collaborating with partners like Tapad, Liveramp, AdBrain, and Oracle, we go beyond such limitations and utilize advanced methods to identify users across devices accurately. We provide our advertisers with the confidence that campaign performance and insights are verified in their marketing strategies.

Networks Partners

We don’t all watch the same channels, all the time! That’s why we ensure the highest visibility on the world’s largest and most premium network partners by partnering with the best platforms, streaming partners and networks. We review our partner list regularly to ensure we maximize the opportunity to reach your future customers.

Audience Providers

At Keynes, we are not exclusively aligned to any specific data or tech provider which means our capabilities to reach your audience are not limited to just one or two partners. With access to 230 audience partners, we find and use the most relevant audience provider for your brand and objectives.

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