What Is OTT Advertising?

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What is OTT Advertising?

The content you stream online through a video streaming service or app is OTT or streaming TV. Synonymous with the advanced cord cutter phenomenon, OTT is way ahead of the traditional cable box service and content display mediums.

Now, what is OTT advertising, and how is it challenging the advertising norms? You’re about to have a sneak peek. OTT ads are the commercials you watch while binging on your favorite shows on different entertainment CTV streaming hubs like RokuApple TV, Fire TV, etc.

The OTT market is climbing up the success ladder through some impeccable stats. For instance, look at the net OTT market share for the previous year. It was closed at 45.1 billion dollars, whereas it’s predicted to spike to 123.67 billion dollars in the next seven years (up to 2028). The growth bar is consistently rising higher and higher, with more people joining OTT platforms. Where each member of an average household subscribes to different OTT channels as per their interests, marketers are of greater benefit in reaching their dream audience.

Moreover, the victorious incline doesn’t just stop here. Video content streaming alone is expected to grow by 11.60% in the next 6 to 7 years, whereas the advertising sector will follow a CAGR of 15.5% (until 2028). The display of content on demand and consumer controls over the apps are two significant reasons behind the groundbreaking success rate of OTT advertising.

OLV Advertising

OLV advertising or online video ads are commercials displayed before content streaming, during, and after the video ends. However, there are differences between the channels.

OLV Platforms
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook Watch
OLV Ads Examples
  • In-stream ads
  • Out-stream ads (Web ads, mobile apps, etc.)
  • In-article ads
  • Video in-banner ads
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook Watch
OLV Advertising Features
  • OLV advertising is another broad way of marketing your brand or business.
  • OLV ads are a low-funnel tactic.
  • The catcher–OLV ads are not played during premium content, like OTT ads. They are skippable and played during user-generated content and short clips.

OTT Advertising is Different

  • OTT ads are non-skippable, premium content, and long-form published content.
  • OTT ads are subjective to certain daily life practices. People will likely see these ads while streaming their favorite shows during their comfort hours.
  • OTT ads are a great tactic to build brand awareness and a trustworthy relationship with your audience.
OTT Advertising Examples

OTT ads are viewed through these platforms:

What is Connected TV?

What is CTV, and how is it hosting a grandeur of advertising platforms? The answer is yet to be discovered below.

CTV is an advanced way to stream content while bypassing traditional cable box or satellite services. Thus, a connected TV is any device through which you can stream unlimited online content just on the go.

CTV Devices
  • Smartphones, Tablets, Smart pads
  • TVs
  • Desktops or Laptops
  • Gaming consoles
Globally CTV Steaming

CTV vs Linear TV

CTV devices have an embedded internet to stream content anywhere and anytime worldwide. Linear TV is conventional TV that displays pre-recorded and scheduled content through particular time slots.

The TV landscape has been evolving tremendously for the last two decades, and upcoming ones will view a completely different front.

CTV devices are compatible with different software versions and technical updates. Hence, this capability accommodates changing consumer demands and enhances user experience. On the other hand, Linear TV has some set forth ways to accommodate or update its services.

What Is CTV Advertising?

Are CTV and OTT different advertising formats? Well, CTV vs OTT advertising is no different from each other regarding their collective goals. These include:

  • Performance-driven advertisement
  • Premium and User-intent based content
  • Reach a particular audience type

CTV advertising is an interchangeable term often used with OTT advertising. However, there’s a slight difference in their service goals. CTV devices act as hosting platforms for OTT services. Similarly, linear TV vs CTV advertising are opposite poles with different service frames and can have similar advertising goals to some extent.

Connected TV Ads

CTV ad is a digital advertisement viewed during or after an online video or game streaming across all CTV devices. An advertiser is expected to come across these classical features of CTV or OTT advertising:

  • Premium and displayed through a content-on-demand streaming interface.
  • It provides an uninterrupted advertising format that brings user attention and maximum consumer conversions.
  • CTV advertising or OTT advertising is viewed across the CTV, or OTT-supported, devices as an FEP (Full Episode Player) and follows a long video format.
  • Unlike Linear TV, which brings branding strategies, CTV and OTT support direct response advertising strategy.

CTV Advertising Examples

CTV advertising is split into two functional goals that form the basis of CTV ad designs. After analyzing the target audience for a particular brand, CTV advertising companies structure these ad campaigns (Direct Response or Branding).

Branding in CTV Advertising

Branding ads are generated to introduce a brand or its services before a recognizable audience. This goal resembles conventional linear TV ads in terms of creating awareness and knowledge about a particular brand or business. However, unlike Linear TV, advertisers can serve ads to audiences that resemble their customer’s behaviors, demographics, interests, and more.

Direct Response in CTV Advertising

Direct Response commercials are sketched to gain immediate visitors right away. These ads compel the customer to explore more of a brand or its services after watching the ad.

How Keynes Digital Will Help You

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OTT Targeting

OTT or Over The Top content that is viewed on demand through premium streaming platforms while eliminating the traditional cord sets. The audience hosted by OTT platforms can be termed as Cord Cutters (Watching online content) or Cord Shavers (Joining streaming services).

OTT advertising allows advertisers to market their services among these cord-cutters.

Programmatic Targeting in OTT Advertising

Programmatic OTT advertising is the ultimate way of segregating your target audience based on your brand’s goals and promoting your services before them.

  • Automated software is used to avail a digital space that refers to your target audience.
  • Your brand’s motive is derived into customized algorithms to develop ways to interact with the target audience in the best possible way.
  • A timeless way to generate consumer-driven actions on your website without utilizing separate tactics.

Thus, after a close association between the marketer and publisher, programmatic OTT advertising takes its way through real-time bidding of the digital space. The viewers are narrowed down to achieve maximum viewership of the streaming video ads through Hulu, Amazon (Amazon Video ads), Amazon Prime OTT (Amazon Prime Video ads), Netflix (soon to be), etc.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Advertisers have won a great advantage of running direct response campaigns through these platforms all at once, with the help of OTT targeting.

These ad campaigns might need to be corrected for the streaming platforms regarding user experience and overall performance. However, programmatic OTT targeting is the need of the day in this era of competitive marketing that can truly break the success barriers for a brand.

What is OOH Advertising?

OOH, or Out of Home advertising is a kind of advertisement that runs outside your consumer’s home. It can be anything from flyers to posters and billboards. Your everyday trail might be filled with OOH ads!

OOH is very convenient to understand and implement. It’s almost impossible to pass by an ad daily and not read its tagline! Hence, OOH ads are a great replacement for digital ad blockers that can refrain you from spreading your message.

Successful Advertising Campaigns

Today, there’s a huge traffic of brands in every niche. To stand out from the crowd, you must leave a memorable impact on your potential consumers. Remembering your brand name as their go-to option is a great deal to achieve!

Whether CTV, Linear TV, OTT, or OOH advertising, all forms of advertisement are significant in their roles. Each boosts your brand’s online and offline presence by impeccably bringing forth noteworthy expertise.


Although OTT advertising costs may differ from OOH, it’s a great opportunity for OOH-backed marketing campaigns to create a buzz among the masses. OOH, advertising with noticeable benefits can’t portray calculable results. Hence, it’s digitally supported through OTT advertising tactics to bring forth a discrete marketing strategy based on stats and metrics.

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