Full Service vs Self Service: CPG Rebrand

Full Service vs Self Service: CPG Rebrand

Full Service vs Self Service: CPG Rebrand 1920 1080 Keynes Digital

154% Increase in Average Daily New Users


A CPG brand approached Keynes to test new audiences against their current self service DSP. This brand asked Keynes to help drive awareness of its rebrand and encourage users to join its loyalty program. This brand is part of a well-known manufacturing company that generated over $46 million in revenue last year. With a massive loyal customer base purchasing their product exclusively in-store, they were looking to leverage digital media. Their goal was to introduce their brand to a new audience and encourage their existing users to enroll in their incentive-based loyalty program and download online coupons.

Head-to-Head Metrics


More New Users than Self Serve DSP


Users Driven by Keynes vs 2.9% Self Serve DSP


Sessions were First-Time-Visits


Average Daily New Users


Knowing their Audience

This brand provided a detailed outline of the new personas they were looking to target. Using this, Keynes sieved through hundreds of audience providers and thousands of audience taxonomies to create specific 3rd party target segments. We paired this with the data we had collected on their existing customers to balance reaching both audiences.

Layered Additional Geo-Targeting and Geo-Fencing Tactics

Keynes used a list of the brand’s retail stores to target users based on all of the Advertiser’s relative locations. We targeted users who’ve previously frequented these stores and were within a 10-minute walking distance. Users within the radius were served ads incentivizing them to sign-up to receive online coupons before purchasing in-store.

Launched Display Retargeting to Drive Loyalty Members

To maintain their current customer base and drive sign-ups to their loyalty program, Keynes launched a Display Retargeting campaign focused on retention. This allowed us to identify and segment the users who had been to the site but hadn’t yet signed up to become a loyalty member. We then segmented users who had signed up but hadn’t yet downloaded the coupon offerings. We optimized each audience separately depending on the user’s level of intent and engagement.


This campaign was a huge success in relaunching the brand. Within the first 30 days, Keynes Digital drove a 63.7% increase in New Users compared to their self serve DSP, and 87% of those sessions came from New-to-File customers. By leveraging an upper-funnel to low-funnel tactic, the advertiser found Keynes Digital’s services to drive a remarkable amount of incremental new visitors and customers at a cost-effective rate.

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