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Connected TV

Why should Connected TV be at the heart of your media plan? In 2022, 92 percent of U.S. households are reachable by Connected TV programmatic advertising.

The way we view TV has changed. Connected TV is the fastest growing addressable media solution that enables you to reach your target audience, at scale, whilst benefiting from the targeting and tracking capabilities of digital channels.

Through Keynes you have access to the most premium CTV & OTT channels. We work with advertisers of all sizes to run full screen, non skippable, data driven TV commercials. Bringing together the benefit of TV advertising with digital performance based insights and results.

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Display + Native

We don’t just focus on the big screen. Keynes has decades of experience in the digital programmatic industry.

We know that Display & Native targeted channels provide a highly impactful and cost effective way to complement your full screen Connected TV campaigns. Our agnostic approach to digital data and audience partnerships means that we have the flexibility to execute the right combination of channels and tactics to fit campaign objectives, at the right price.

Targeting Capabilities: Lookalike, Competitor Conquesting, Personas + Demographics, Geo-Targeting + Geo-Fencing, Contextual Targeting, Interests + Lifestyle

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Get your brand message heard! Streaming audio services are a huge part of our day-to-day lives, from smart speakers in the home to on-the-go listening, users are consuming more content than ever before.

What better way of getting your brand message across than a highly targeted immersive audio ad during your consumer's favorite playlist or podcast?

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