CTV Advertising Attribution

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CTV Advertising Attribution

When and where to spend advertising budgets has been a long-running debate among marketing experts and brand owners. A well-defined and structured monitoring system was always needed to manage the branding campaigns’ cost to quality and service.

CTV advertising attribution is one method to directly measure Connected TV advertising statistics and find ways to improve marketing areas. That being said, CTV is blissful to perish trackable metrics, unlike linear TV, where there’s a lack of outcome-driven advertising.

What Is CTV Advertising Attribution?

CTV advertising attribution is to point out potential consumer behaviors before they make successful purchases along with their trusted channels.

CTV advertisement attribution and CTV measurement are two correlating terms, where the latter stands out for collecting progress stats from an advertisement campaign.

A general overview of what CTV advertising attribution and measurement is, the clicks and searches your consumers make after seeing the commercial are calculated as CTV attributes. The number of attributes determines your ad campaign’s dormant areas of success.

How CTV Advertising Attribution Works?

The measurement metrics possessed by CTV attribution channels are powerful enough to calculate and measure CTV advertising. Here’s how CTV advertising attribution and CTV measurement work:

  • Advertisement Display: Once the final video ad product is ready, it’s delivered to the CTV advertising platform for display before the target audience.
  • IP Address Exposure: The IP address from the displaying CTV device is saved as an exposure file. Devices with the same IP address are also registered as exposure files.
  • Comparing Outcome & Exposure Files: The outcome file is recorded based on the required action taken by any household members or on any of the Connected TV devices on that IP address. The results from outcome and exposure files are further analyzed to locate similar IP addresses.
  • Attribution: The matching IP addresses are saved and labeled as attributing identities based on the comparison.

Hence, CTV advertising attribution works through a channel where every step undergoes a statistical check to discover potential attributing sites.

Cross-Device Analytics – A Major CTV Attribution Scale

Cross-device analytics is a way to figure out multiple devices a single consumer uses to help generate specific attributes. Keynes Digital uses cross-device analytics in two different ways, identified as:

  1. Probabilistic: It is a complex way of creating the activity graph of devices used by a single consumer. The calculating metrics are embedded in numerous digital trackers, device IDs, cookies, email addresses, online/offline buying behaviors, demographics like address and mobile number, etc.
  2. Deterministic: Deterministic cross-device measurements are simple and follow a one-on-one module like how many devices are under a single sign-up, etc.

Connected TV

What is Connected TV?

CTV is a device connected to an internet service to stream video content without disruption. It serves as an impactful platform for online advertisements.

The aura of CTV started when linear TV users decided to get rid of traditional cable boxes and satellite connections or became cord-cutters. Today, more than 90% of US households have already acquired the services of at least one type of CTV device. Some of the types of Connected TV devices are; gaming consoles, smart TVs, smartphones, and basically everything with an embedded internet connection for video content streaming.

The leading Connected TV devices are Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Hisense, Chromecast, Samsung TV, Sony TV, LG TV, and many more to come.

What is CTV Advertising?

CTV advertising is a specialized marketing approach to display commercials on devices connected to the internet for content streaming. Connected TV ads are displayed on smart TVs, gaming consoles, and portable streaming devices like smartphones.

CTV advertising has brought forth new opportunities for everyone, from viewers to TV networks and advertising companies. It uncovered a new world of real-time advertising while catching up with the maximum viewer count.

OTT vs CTV Advertising

The debate on OTT vs CTV gained momentum after linear TV advertisements evolved into advanced marketing mechanics and strategies. We’ve shortlisted the resilient features of OTT/CTV advertising and how it’s winning the marketing horizons:

  • CTV and OTT can be reached anywhere worldwide because the two host countless apps to interact with an active audience.
  • CTVOTT advertising inventory is flexible to growth and development with the changing trends and algorithms of top browsing engines.
  • Measurable metrics and tactics are available to keep track of growth during each phase of an advertising campaign. Nothing goes unnoticed for an effective OTT/CTV marketing action plan!

Henceforth, OTT and CTV are the future of entertainment content streaming. A linear increase in daily Connected TV device usage and subscriptions is already a magnanimous milestone. Digitization isn’t the future anymore; it’s today for OTT/CTV advertising.

How Does CTV Advertising Work?

To gain insight into how CTV advertising works, you must first look into CTV advertising stats.

  • The mean CTV devices count for a household is 4.1, which means more than 60% of the adult population is likely to watch engaging Connected TV ads.
  • More than 71% of the US population had already cut on cords or conventional satellite connections to stream content online, a win-win for CTV advertisers.

The facts spilled above are just a teaser to the picture; the more explicit outcomes are yet to come with CTV advertising succeeding everywhere. Let’s simplify how CTV advertising works for brands and businesses:

  • CTV advertising is more cost-effective and sustainable than Linear TV and brings the benefits of both marketing forums.
  • CTV advertising targets audiences based on real-time stats generated from consumer demographics such as their purchase behaviors, interests, active web insights, location, etc.
  • Targeting millennials, Gen-Z, and onwards is only possible through CTV advertising as a major population of the said generations has already switched to CTV appliances.
  • CTV advertising uses first and third-party data for retargeting their desired audience and helps cross-target the same population.

How To Choose Your CTV Advertising Partner?

Making a wise choice of a CTV advertising partner saves you additional time and budget consumption. You can either have multiple services under one banner, like Keynes Digital or hire experts separately.

Here are five major queries to ask before choosing a CTV partner:

  • What type of CTV advertising do you want to endorse? (An FEP is a must in any case)
  • What is your viewership targeting approach? (An audience-centered approach is preliminary)
  • How will you track activities on cross-devices? (Cross-device tracking or IP matching is obligatory)
  • How will you help us achieve certain goals or follow specific outcomes?
  • How many reporting channels will be accessible? (A dashboard with 24/7 active services)

How Does Keynes Digital Set Up A CTV Advertising Campaign?

Setting up a campaign with DSP (Demand Side Platform) is our specialty, and we know how to accomplish it with perfection.

  • Directing Advertisers To Networks: Keynes takes the first step in directing advertisers to supply-side channels and networks. It helps in building direct connections with premium advertising inventories.
  • Connecting With Cross-Device Companies: We ask them to connect with high-profile cross-device companies to keep track of consumer behaviors or online clicks. It helps in managing stats and metrics.
  • Finding The Top Publishers: Lastly, advertisers are encouraged to collaborate with top viewership providers to make major gains. It’s the beauty of programmatic advertising; you can surf through numerous audience providers to find a suitable one.

CTV Advertising Examples

Creating fully functional and capable CTV advertising examples isn’t a cakewalk for most marketers and advertisers. Creating the best is all about continuous experimenting and trial and error.

Strategies For A Successful TV Commercial

Through years of service in the marketing domain, advertising experts have come to conclude the following creative solutions for a successful CTV commercial:

  • Audience First Approach: CTV commercial with an audience-centered approach never fails to gain trust and consumer conversions. A commercial must be individually correlated with viewers to enhance brand awareness.
  • Unique and Creative Narrative: A unique and straightforward advertising narrative accounts for higher consumer conversions and audience engagement. From dialogues, embedded brand slogans, creative taglines, and voiceovers, a commercial speaks out for itself once it reaches a household.
  • Incorporate Core Motives: OTT and CTV advertising cherishes the benefit of reaching a broader audience once the ad is displayed on multiple devices in a single household. Incorporating your core values and the brand’s motives in each shot is a beneficial marketing approach.

Best CTV And OTT Advertising Examples – Keynes Digital Exclusive

Direct Response TV Commercials

Direct response commercials are immediate action-driven and are low-funnel advertisements.

Examples of direct response commercials along with their campaigns – See all TV Commercial Reviews HERE:

  • Fanatics (Gearing Up: Special Offer)
  • Skechers (Tee It Up)
  • Edmunds (Playing Cards)
Branding TV Commercials

Branding commercials are directed towards remembering the brand and are usually high-funnel.

Here are a few of the leading branding commercials with their campaigns – See all TV Commercial Reviews HERE:

  • Banana Boat (Protect The Fun)
  • Simple Health (What Is Simple Health)
  • Tommy John (Elevate)

Moreover, Keynes Digital also offers free a CTV spec check for your video assets. Get them assessed to align with your marketing goals.

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