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CTV Measurement

What is CTV?

What is CTV? Well as we all may already know, a connected television “CTV” is a TV that’s connected to the internet. It’s capable of streaming all the free and paid services that are available as alternatives to cable or satellite TV. The best-known services include Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg in today’s streamable content.

What is CTV advertising?

CTV advertising is measured very differently than traditional television. Many advertisers are also still not too familiar with how CTV devices work and have to even wrap their heads around something such as set-top boxes.

CTV Advertising

We’ve been able to measure TV viewership for a long time. Think Nielsen ratings. But that all changes with the shift to connected TVs. Of course, when connected TV advertising began years ago, it had its CTV measurement challenges. Now that the industry is working hard to grow this channel to work best for both consumers and the advertiser, we’re seeing fewer and fewer challenges and more so just shifts in trends.

As you plan your campaign and evaluate performance, remember these principles: Think people, not devices. The same consumer may watch content on a smart TV, desktop or phone—so consider them together as one person, rather than separate device-first audience segments. Consider impressions and frequency as well as reach or gross rating points (GRPs) (in other words, how many different people are you reaching). This applies to both audience size and frequency caps.

CTV Viewership Statistics

CTV viewership statistics have shown fast-tracked results in 2021. Keynes Digital has concluded that viewers will be the winners of 2022 in connected tv advertising.

For instance, cord-cutters aren’t the topic of conversation any longer. They only make up about 4% of total connected TV advertising viewers. Additionally, in 2021 connected TV advertising reached 74% of households in the US compared to Facebook, which reaches 69% of US adults. Youtube is about the same reach as connected TV advertising sitting at 74%, and Instagram sits at about 67%.

So, Keynes’ has begun to focus on stackers–the total number of subscriptions held by a single household. Why? Because subscription stacking has increased to 4.7 subscriptions per household up from 3.5 in Q4 2020.

Ad Measurement Companies

Ad measurement companies provide advertisers and agencies with an abundance of reporting, such as demographic data, behavioral data, or even household composition. That reported info helps agencies like Keynes Digital and marketers make more informed decisions about the content they advertise against and the audiences they intend to target.

Cross-Device CTV Measurement

And way to put CTV attribution in place for your next connected TV advertising campaigns is to work with technologies that hold different incentives for us or the leading cross-device companies, such as AdBrainLiveRampTapadOracle.

For example, as a performance agency, Keynes’ main incentive is to hit our advertiser’s CTV KPIs and maintain and grow that relationship.

As a cross-device company, its main incentive is to increase its quality and scale accuracy percentage across its cross-device graph. For instance, AdBrain’s cross-device graph carries “an accuracy of at least 95 percent”.

Oracle Moat CTV Measurement

Connected TV ad measurement products, like Moat ads library, can render your marketing fully accountable. Moat ads safety, Moat viewability, and advanced Moat analytics provide a real-time shield that blocks fraudulent CTV ads before they are served. Moat creative and Moat analytics offer enhanced viewership insights and detailed reporting on all digital ads.

Nielsen CTV Measurement

Nielsen data offers comprehensive measurement of linear and digital advertising platforms, including connected TV advertising. Through Nielsen total ad ratings, it offers ad ratings and tv ad measurement for both linear and non-linear campaigns. Nielsen digital ad ratings methodology delivers a cross-platform audience measurement system for advertisers and agencies.

What is CTV? What is OTT?

Now that we’ve discussed the connected TV definition and what is CTV advertising, we wanted to end with just a clarification on the difference between CTV and OTT.


Over-the-top television “OTT” consists of any content streamed over the internet and viewed on any kind of device. Typically, it comes into a home via cable, DSL or satellite, and it’s watched on anything connected to the internet, be it a laptop, tablet, smartphone or connected TV.


Online Video “OLV” is any form of video content streamed over the internet. This includes in-stream, out-stream, interactive, in-game, and webpage-based videos on any device, like mobile, laptops, tablets, or smart TVs.

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