One View, Everybody Knows The Rules.

Dan’s reviewing one TV commercial at a time until he’s seen them all! Each commercial is given two scores out of 10 based on its ability to drive an action (Direct Response) or awareness (Branding).

Direct Response

  • Does it make me put my phone down?
  • Can I tell who the advertiser is at all times?
  • Does it tell me what to do and where to go?
  • Does the video look professionally made?
  • Is there a strong USP?


  • Does it make me put my phone down?
  • Is the video memorable?
  • Will I have to see this ad more than once to remember it?
  • Will I talk about this ad later with friends?

*All ratings are subjective and not based on a rigorous scoring scale.
**We’re reviewing publically release TV commercials in the moment.
***Keynes Digital does not claim to have worked with any of the advertisers on this table.

Check to see if your video assets are high enough quality for the TV screen.