CTV Audiences

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CTV Audiences

The success tsunami led by CTV advertising trends is a magnanimous breakthrough. Gone are the days when commercials would run for an infinite number of days to get a reasonable reach for the business to prosper.

Scaling the success stats of CTV’s eternal growth seems impossible. In contrast, it’s unchaseable to achieve marketing milestones for new and old businesses without mastering CTV advertising.

Observing the groundbreaking incline in viewership, CTV audiences are statistically overviewed as follows: 

  • Through programmatic advertising, CTV advertising is already extended to 92% of US households. 
  • The number of CTV and OTT devices has reached an all-time crashing height of 1 billion after 2019 and onwards. 
  • The total hours spent watching a connected TV or an OTT device has surpassed by 4 billion hours a week, according to an estimate by Neilson. 
  • Millennials are expected to reach 60.5 million CTV viewers by the end of 2022. By 2025, their count will soar as high as 62.6 million. 
  • Gen Z is now ranking at 49.6 million viewer count, among the 110 million active CTV audiences in 2022. Following the highest viewership growth ever, it will add 6.5 million additional views by 2025. 

CTV Advertising Trends

Fact check: 77% of ad views were solely generated through CTV advertisements

Consumers are more likely to view your services while streaming their favorite OTT or games than any other digital media. Hence, it’s appalling for business marketers to plan ahead of their current CTV advertising trends. 

  • Video ads are the new public billboards! Let the audience roll the drum for you, and run your ads programmatically. Not one OTT platform fits for all.
  • If you’re a business owner, think of programmatic advertising through an extensive horizon. It’s the most precise way to reach a particular niche or community. 
  • Practice creativity while generating ad-based video content. You can experiment with several formats after analyzing your target audience’s preference. 

What is CTV?

Connected TVCTV” is a device that provides you with an unlimited amount of entertainment and adventure while resting on your favorite couch! 

It’s connected directly through the internet or browser or provides phenomenal streaming all day. CTV is everything from Smart TVs to gaming consoles to smartphones.

CTV – An Evolution of Linear TV 

Undoubtedly, CTV is the evolution of linear TV, yet it offers much more than just broadcasted shows and programs. Where Linear TV is connected through a satellite network, CTV works through the internet hosting huge content traffic. 

Similarly, CTV is based on the inclusiveness of displaying various content forms. Here you can host and participate in live gaming events; previously, it was merely a dream. 

CTV Vs Linear TV

As the name indicates, Linear TV uses a conventional method of displaying content before the audience. Linear TV is seen more as and only as a branding tactic. However, the benefits of CTV Vs Linear TV is split as: 


  • Displays OTT content (Netflix, Amazon, etc.) that’s gaining a massive audience. 
  • Display Ads after video or game streaming or before that. 
  • Has a higher viewership than any other streaming platform. 
  • A great way to chase any audience specific to your brand.

Linear TV

  • Only broadcasts recorded shows as per schedule. 
  • Display commercials during TV programs. 
  • Target audience based on time frames and specific channels. 
  • The ideal way to reach out to the older population. 

Connected TV Advertising

During current marketing practices, Connected TV advertising holds the crown for all the right reasons. 

  • Today, CTV advertising is the voice of the top brands, and even startups are opting for it. 
  • CTV Advertising determines a vital audience or target audience for any brand. It lets them make a direct connection through their smart video advertisements. 
  • An advertising campaign is as successful as its real-time analytics measurement is. CTV advertising scales the growth and integrates the stats in reforming marketing strategies. 
  • CTV marketing is highly action driven. Through its influential content dynamics, it helps the brand in demand generation. 

CTV Advertising Examples

For CTV advertising examples, visit our TV Commercial reviews HERE to learn more about what a CTV ad is and should look like. 

To keep with a consistent viewership, CTV advertising requires to abide by the following specs: 

  • Connected TV Specs: CTV Ads must have standard formatting, duration, display quality, File tags and file formats, and other CTV best practices.  
  • Automated Optimization: A performance-oriented and all-natural automated optimization have to be your first preference to keep CTV advertising premium. 
  • Use a viewers-first display approach to spread your content among the masses, irrespective of what they’re streaming. 
  • Your CTV advertisements must be software compatible while entering the world of CTV. Make it float everywhere, be it on TV screens or smartphones. 
  • Make advanced leverages from your website traffic and view post advertisement displays on CTV. It will help you calculate a reasonable bid with the inventory. 

Furthermore, Keynes will pave the way for you to maintain the CTV advertising space premium for its unmatchable services! 

How is CTV Advertising Helping Brands?

Finding a niche-specific audience is one of the crucial aspects of any advertising campaign. Connected TV has made a seamless move in achieving marketing goals within no time. 

  • Find Your Audiences

CTV Programmatic sieves through hundreds of data points to find your audiences for your brand or campaign.

  • Customize Your Advertising Campaign

You can build a plan based on your budget with leading advertising strategies. 

  • Drive Users

To give a groundbreaking debut, CTV advertising will support your newborn brand like nowhere else. You’ll conveniently get people’s reviews and choices through online streaming. Interactive Ads can be a handy way to start with. 

  • Bring More Audiences to Niche Specific Brands 

Since CTV has spread widely through renowned digital devices and smart TVs, you can connect with a large population. Thus, niche specific brands have higher chances of succeeding in a campaign.

Connected TV Audience-First Approach

Keynes holy grail of triumphant advertising is the “Audience First Approach .”By definition, it’s designed after leveraging data from: 

  • First Party insights (leverage your website data to bring more consumers) 
  • Third-Party insights ( Approached through CTV to reach an audience based on unique demographics) 
  • KPIs and Metrics (Scale performance and analyze for future betterment) 

These aspects are inevitable to ignore while launching a Connected TV advertising campaign. These are the tactics that help you determine the preferences of the target population. Hence, you won’t need external experts to measure your performance; an Audience-First approach does it for you.  

CTV – As a Direct Response Performance Channel

By far, Connected TV has welcomed a new era of opportunities for marketers, brand owners, content creators, and the media fraternity. Here’s how Connected TV is a direct response performance channel. 

  • 82% of the audience is already projected as CTV viewers, hence a massive engagement to come forward. 
  • CTV viewership has followed a limitless growth, across the smart TV in your lounge to your smart at your comfort. Hence, everyone is reachable for marketers to brand their services. 
  • 81% of audiences prefer ad-supported content over paid content. This brings a higher count of receptive viewership. 
  • CTV is widely practicing a direct attribution approach rather than a compulsory involvement of third party cookies. 

CTV Inventory

CTV inventory is a premium space hosting strategically and professionally generated content. The CTV industry is undergoing progressive growth, while there are advanced adaptations now and then. An estimated sum of 13.1 billion dollars has already been invested in CTV advertisements

Rise of New CTV Services

Following the victorious CTV growth, there’s an influx of new apps and programs every now and then on CTV platforms

The production of CTV and OTT apps supporting CTV programmatic advertising has increased by 232% today. Their collective count is estimated to boost by hundreds of folds in the coming days. 

The faster tech uptake by younger populations provides a favorable means to put off new applications each day. 

With this explosive introduction of apps in the digital universe, there comes a competitive atmosphere. However, the audience tends to draw towards the ones that almost come free and provide the best user experience. 

At Keynes, we are the masters of sketching the best CTV advertising campaigns for you. We’ll curate your dreams into successful ads using all CTV platformsHulu, Peacock, HBO Max, Disney+, ESPN+, NBC, ABC, Bravo, E!, and so many more. Contact us now and experience it yourself! 

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