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Disney Plus Ads and the Basics

Disney Plus Subscription

With so many people cutting the cable cord and viewing streaming content instead, it was inevitable that the world’s most famous family entertainment provider would jump on board. Disney Plus hit the market in November of 2019 and within six months had over 50 million subscribers. One of Disney Plus’s boasts to its viewers is that it shows no commercials. While streaming services include advertising, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, viewers can opt for the Disney Plus sign up and enjoy streaming content, and commercials for free.

This doesn’t shut marketers out completely from Disney Plus viewers, though. Disney Plus is also sold as a part of a bundle with services that do welcome advertisers, namely, Hulu and ESPN Plus.

Once a consumer has signed up for a Disney Plus account, they can use their Disney Plus sign in on a number of types of hardware. Disney Plus login devices include smart TVs and TV sets with digital media, for example, set-top boxes and sticks. However, a viewer doesn’t need a television to enjoy the service. There’s a Disney plus app for PC, as well as for tablets and phones including Apple devices.

Once a consumer has an account, they can stream content to several devices at once. The Disney Plus login is valid on any of the common computers and phones. The subscription service charges just one monthly fee for access across all of these devices. A customer can pay for a month at a time or save some money by paying for an entire year. The monthly option has no long-term commitment and one can request a Disney Plus cancellation at any time.

Disney and Disney Plus have an unequaled appeal to both adults and children. Before the launch of the Disney Plus service, a lot of Disney movies were available through some of the other content providers. But now Disney is pulling these shows back into its own service and it’s becoming more and more the case that a viewer needs Disney Plus, or the Disney Plus bundle with Hulu and ESPN, to watch the best entertainment from the Disney library.

Disney Play Bundle vs Hulu

Content providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are competitors to Disney Plus, but Hulu’s situation is different. Disney has been a part owner of Hulu since 2009 and more recently has become the controlling owner. So it’s not surprising that Disney Plus offers Hulu to its customers as well.

Consumers can buy Disney Plus and Hulu separately, but there’s also a Disney Plus bundle that includes Hulu. The Disney Plus Bundle price is $12.99 for Hulu with ads and $18.99 for Disney Plus bundle Hulu no ads.

In its basic version, Hulu is a video-on-demand provider with a library of TV shows, movies and proprietary content. However, there’s also a Hulu product called Hulu Plus Live TV, which offers real-time broadcasts of some of the same channels as received via antenna, cable or satellite. This option is available with Disney Plus as a Hulu Live Disney Plus bundle.

There is no Disney Plus bundle free trial available. Customers have to sign up and start paying the subscription fee from the very first Disney Plus Bundle login, whether it be Disney Plus Hulu no ads or Disney Plus Hulu with ads.

Many customers choose to subscribe to the less expensive Disney Plus Hulu bundle with the ads, so there are opportunities for marketers to reach fans of Disney content who own these bundles.

Disney Plus App

The Disney Plus app is available on smart TVs, TVs with digital media devices, laptops, workstations, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles. There are tens of millions of adults and children viewing Disney content and not all of them are cable cord-cutters. Many families choose to watch Disney in addition to their regular cable TV viewing. They might even be watching cable TV on their TV set and Disney Plus content on another device.

The content of the Disney Plus app comes from the entire family of Disney companies. That includes Disney Plus movies from Pixar, the Star Wars series and the Marvel movies. Disney Plus also comes with content from National Geographic.

Disney Plus customer service is available to help its viewers stream on four separate devices at one time with one subscription. Another Disney Plus feature is GroupWatch, which allows friends at different locations to enjoy a virtual group movie night. Once they’re connected, they can even pause and rewind at the same time and share their reactions.

Disney Plus price is $6.99 per month or $69.99 for a full year. While there are no Disney Plus ads on the Disney Plus content, there are opportunities for marketers to reach the Disney Plus audience through ESPN Plus and Hulu. These platforms actively seek marketers and work to make advertising with them as friendly and easy to use as possible.

Disney Plus

Does Disney Plus have a 30-day free trial? No, it doesn’t. Unlike many of the other popular streaming services, Disney does not offer a Disney Plus free trial. In a Disney Plus free trial Reddit thread, it’s mentioned that there is no Disney Plus 30-day free trial or even the kind of seven-day free trial that’s common in the digital content world.

In the closest thing to a Disney Plus free trial, Verizon offers a one-year-long Disney Plus free account to Verizon customers. They can enjoy a year not only of Disney Plus, but of the entire Disney Plus Bundle with Hulu and ESPN. Customers who already have a Disney Plus account can take advantage of the offer when they sign on with Verizon. As is the case with most free subscription periods, customers must do a Disney Plus free trial cancellation at the end of their year to avoid being billed going forward.

Disney Plus has a worldwide reach. Disney Plus countries include the United States and Canada and more than a dozen European countries as well as Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan and Indonesia. They have plans to expand even more into Asia as well as into Eastern Europe.


ESPN Plus is affiliated with the popular ESPN television and cable network. It’s a streaming service that viewers can purchase either on its own or as part of the Disney, Hulu and ESPN Plus bundle. The ESPN Plus app runs on all the same devices as the Disney Plus app, including TVs, laptops and smartphones.

Sports and Disney are two of the most popular entertainment choices around, so it’s not surprising that the Disney Plus ESPN bundle is doing well. The Disney and ESPN audience is a rich one for advertisers. While Disney Plus may not show advertisements, both ESPN TV and ESPN Plus have always had ads and it’s expected they’ll continue to do so.

The ESPN Plus schedule includes events from professional sports leagues, boxing and ESPN Plus UFC Fight Nights. There’s also college football and basketball and featured shows with top names in sports such as Peyton Manning and Pau Gasol.

There is no ESPN Plus free trial. However, a viewer can sign up for ESPN Plus for a monthly fee of $5.99 and, if they don’t like it, the service offers the option to contact ESPN Plus customer service and cancel ESPN Plus at any time.

Hulu’s Platform

Hulu’s platform has been one of the most popular video-on-demand streaming services for some time, competing with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Its affiliation with Disney and the ability now to add Hulu to Disney Plus has helped to boost its popularity.

Hulu plans include both a basic version with ads at $5.99 per month, a very competitive price for a streaming service. Its ad-free version is more expensive at $11.99 per month. Hulu offers a 30-day Hulu free trial.

There’s also Hulu Plus Live TV, which includes the Hulu video-on-demand service plus over 65 live TV stations broadcasting the same content that comes over the air or via cable. This costs $54.99 per month and can also be purchased as part of a Hulu Live Disney Plus bundle.

Most Hulu customers choose the version with ads. That’s good news for marketers. Hulu is a leader in creatively working with advertisers to help them place their messages on the platform. They work with a lot of large marketers, but they also provide a self-service interface called Ad Manager to help smaller advertisers find their way in the world of digital marketing.

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