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Peacock Ads

The Television and Streaming division of NBCUniversal, a Comcast company, owns and operates the American over-the-top video streaming service Peacock. The service, which bears the NBC logo as its name, debuted on July 15, 2020.

Peacock boasts top-notch features and amusement. One of the best things that set it apart from its competitors is that it’s free. Fans of NBC sitcoms and dramas, live sports (like Premier League soccer, WWE, etc.), and other content can find everything they need on Peacock. Although Peacock’s base edition is free, it has few selections and advertisements.

You will have access to some television shows and movies that have received the highest critical acclaim over the last century; however, you will be required to watch advertisements to access HD-quality videos.

Peacock TV Services

The service provides advertisers the reach and scale they greatly need while providing consumers with the free service they want. Free movies and TV are available, giving you more than streaming 7,500 hours in its free version, but if you upgrade to a Peacock Premium plan, not only will you get rid of Peacock ads, but also you’ll have access to twice as much content.

Per a Peacock TV review 2022, you may watch everything on the platform for $5 per month with advertisements or for $10 per month without them. It’s also incredibly reasonable and offers a ton of free stuff.

NBC can compete with streaming heavyweights like Netflix by promising a reduced monthly fee. Options are also provided. They have a sizable selection of old and new NBC shows and an increasing number of original series, and they cover sports reasonably well. Peacock is accessible on any device connected to the internet and game consoles, including the PlayStation, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV devices.

Pros and Cons of Peacock TV

Since it launched in July 2020, NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock has increased strongly. The site has a tiling layout filled with well-known network programming, yet it is not as huge as some of its competitors, like NetflixHuluDisney Plus, and HBO Max.

Let’s review some pros and cons of Peacock TV.

  • Plans for all types of viewers: Peacock offers a free plan if you can’t afford it or don’t want to pay for the package plans available.
  • Exclusive NBCUniversal content: NBC shows, live sports events, a sizable back catalog of television programs and movies, and live news are available for next-day viewing.
  • Virtual channels make streaming possible when channel surfing: Users can also design custom channels featuring live events, a trending feed, or their preferred material.
  • Too many ads: It’s an experience to enjoy free content, but too many ads pop up and, at times, become annoying.
  • Peacock Streaming Complaints: When trying to watch a Peacock program on the same network while downloading or transferring huge files, this could create buffering.
  • Missing features:  On Peacock, you cannot create multiple profiles like Netflix and other popular streaming apps. Plus, when Peacock skip intro disappeared, it got added to the bad list.

Peacock Ad Free Price

Let’s delve into what most of you might be thinking, “Is Peacock free?”

Peacock offers a free subscription with limited access to 40,000 hours of video and plenty of advertisements. However, Peacock has too many commercials and ads popping up in the middle of watching something that may not be so pleasant for many subscribers. Therefore, the Peacock ad free price for premium subscribers is $9.99/month. The Premium Plus package not only blocks all kinds of ads but will also provide double the amount of content.

Monthly Streaming Prices

Live and early-access content is not available for the free plan but only for the premium one. On the other hand, Netflix has a monthly subscription of $12.99 and does not even cover live programs like the Olympics or the weekly broadcasting of WWE. A Peacock subscription is also cheaper than Hulu, at $11.99, and HBOmax, at $14.99 per month.

Making every effort to compete with other streaming giants, Peacock has gained immense popularity among Redditors. When asked about Peacock, a Reddit user named Killthecord said, “My wife uses it a lot. She will point out any glitches or malfunctions in streaming apps. She’s never had an issue with it”. Similarly, many other users don’t shy away from complimenting the service on Reddit.

Peacock Premium vs Premium Plus

Peacock is the subscription streaming home for NBCUniversal films and television if you’re looking to stream popular series. Having alternatives is usually a good thing, and the Peacock streaming service allows you to select from three tiers: Peacock, Peacock Premium, and Peacock Premium Plus.

Peacock basic is free, has countless ads, limited content, and no live programming. Peacock Premium costs $4.99, providing access to live programming and fewer ads than the free version. Peacock Premium Plus, on the other hand, blocks all sorts of commercials for an interruption-free experience and provides access to various content.

Peacock Premium vs Peacock Premium Plus – Both are paid services costing $4.99 and $9.99, respectively. A major difference is the ad experience, where Peacock premium pops commercials before, after, or sometimes during a video, while Peacock premium plus is totally ad-free. However, the question remains why does Peacock Premium have commercials despite being a paid service? The answer is simple – A tiny amount of programming, Peacock channels, live events, and a few TV episodes and movies will still feature commercials due to streaming rights.

The good thing is that the company ensured viewers wouldn’t watch more than five minutes of advertisements every hour when using the free service or the “Premium” version. If you want to get rid of the ads completely, you must pay an extra $5 to upgrade to an ad-free view.

Consumers also have the option to try Peacock Premium Plus free trial service for 7 days before paying for the subscription to check if the highest provided service is actually ad-free and as promised. After the seventh day, the automatically linked account will start deducting money. But the good thing is that you can unsubscribe anytime.

Why Have Ad-Supported TV?

Ad Supported is a term used to describe audio transmissions that are made freely available to the general public, whether directly or indirectly (i.e., not on a subscription basis or any other business model). The term “streaming TV advertising” refers to advertisements that appear within TV shows on an internet-connected device instead of those you might see on regular linear television.

These streaming service advertisements will run before or during the live TV streams available on ad-supported networks and applications. As more consumers turn to stream video content instead of traditional cable and broadcast TV, OTT, or streaming TV, commercials present a chance for advertisers to reach new audiences at scale. Ad-supported tiers are more affordable than non-supported ones, which is the primary factor driving this topic’s rising popularity.

The streaming platform gets much more money off of you than it would if you paid for a subscription while you view commercials but pay less. Discovery+, Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, and HBO Max are some of today’s ad-supported streaming services. A growing number of services, like Netflix and Disney+, are also introducing ad-supported tiers.

Netflix Introducing Ads

Netflix is to eventually consider an ad-supported TV subscription model after vehemently maintaining its stance on no advertising for its users for many years. Many Netflix members no longer see the value in the platform, given that many of their favorite episodes and new “must-watch” series are debuting on other streaming services. It may be a crucial step, given that the company will start from scratch and use Netflix advertising. This change may be essential to keeping its clients, but many clients might prefer an ad-free experience, which may cause a decrease in viewers. Therefore, it won’t be wise for Netflix to do so.

To learn more about this topic, read more of Keynes’ blog on Netflix shifting to ad-supported TV HERE.

Is Peacock Premium Worth It?

Peacock is one of the most cost-effective streaming services available right now, costing less than $5 a month. Even 5 hours of content per week works out to only 25 cents per hour of streaming, so keeping Peacock autoplay on will surely not be an issue. You can’t go wrong with Peacock Premium if you enjoy NBC network shows, original series, popular movies, and some sporting events that other streaming apps do not offer.

Peacock continues expanding its library to serve its devoted fans better by providing an almost uncountable number of various genres and series alternatives. If you’ve been grieving the removal of The Office from Netflix, or if you are interested in watching Saved by the Bell and other shows for childhood nostalgia, it’s a good idea to keep Peacock settings on your watchlist because the streamer has promised additional content and new announcements in the months to come. Peacock’s original programs like Yellowstone are worth checking out as well.

Hence, when you ask, “Is peacock premium worth it?” – we at Keynes give it a definite “YES!” Although it’s too early to tell whether Peacock’s exclusive series will be successful or not, it’s difficult to argue against the attractiveness of the platform’s free tier.

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