Connected TV Specs


15s, or 30s

Aspect Ratio

720 x 480, 4:3 or 16:9 pixel aspect ratio; 3:2 display is not supported

File Format

MP4 or MOV formats; FLV, and WEBM file formats are not supported

File Quality

1080p (1920×1080)


– 15 mbps minimum, 30 mbps maximum
– 192 kbps minimum bitrate, 16- or 24-bit only
– 48,000 Hz sample rate

Frame Rate

Frame rate must be constant and set to 23.98, 25 or 29.97 (based on native frame rate)

*Duplicate Frames is an issue that arises when a video shot at a certain frame rate, its native frame , is encoded at a different one. Most often seen when videos shot at 23.98 fps are encoded at 29.97 fps, the video adds in a doubled frame every four or five frames, for example, in order to make up for the change. This creates a stuttering effect that is bad for playback. In terms of a solution, you should provide original, unaltered version or a new file file must be reencoded at the native frame rate.

Max File Size


File Tags

VAST; VPAID and MRAID tags are not

Additional Notes

Although both first-party and third-party hosted creatives are supported, Connected TV devices do not support the ability to click through to a landing page. If you are running on full-episode player inventory (on desktop or mobile), you can set up a URL to click through but not when running only on Connected TV advertising device inventory.

*Implied Interactivity: Please be sure that any Call-to-Action, either persistent or on the end card, not be displayed with the look or feel of a clickable button. As Connected TV devices do not support the ability to click through to a landing page, the ad will be rejected if it appears as though a user may click on the commercial.

Connected TV advertising offers a platform to showcase your brand via non skippable, high-quality formats, on premium TV networks.

Create an instant connection with your audience by telling a story about your product(s) and encourage users to your site.

Add a persistent URL or brand name to guide users to visit your site on their mobile or desktop devices while they watch TV.

Include a strong end card with a clear Call-To-Action once the video concludes.

Check to see if your video assets are high enough quality for the TV screen.