Connected TV Specs


15s, or 30s

File Format

MP4 or MOV formats; FLV, and WEBM file formats are not supported

File Quality

1080p (1920×1080) or 720p (1280×720)


– 18 mbps minimum, 30 mbps maximum
– 192 kbps minimum bitrate, 16- or 24-bit only
– 48,000 Hz sample rate

Frame Rate

Frame rate must be constant and set to 23.98, 25 or 29.97 (based on native frame rate)

Max File Size


File Tags

VAST; VPAID and MRAID tags are not

Additional Notes

Although both first-party and third-party hosted creatives are supported, Connected TV devices do not support directly clickable video commercials. Call-to-Action buttons that look clickable and include copy such as “Learn More” or “Buy Now” are not allowed. Hashtags and QR Codes are not accepted.

If you are running on full-episode player inventory (on desktop or mobile), you can set up a URL to click through but not when running only on Connected TV advertising device inventory.

Connected TV Creative Best Practices

Connected TV advertising offers a platform to showcase your brand via nonskippable, high-quality formats, on premium TV networks.

Our goal is for you to create an instant connection with your audience by telling a story about your product(s) and encouraging users to your site. We always recommend adding a persistent URL or brand name to guide users to visit your site on their mobile or desktop devices while they watch TV. And never forget to include a strong end card with a clear call-to-action once the video concludes.

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