Connected TV Creative Best Practices


Grab your users’ attention in the first 6 seconds
What will make a user look up from their phone to pay attention to your commercial?

Tell the audience who you are early in the TV commercial
Try including a persistent URL throughout the entire TV commercial. From the start of the ad, customers should know who’s talking to them.

Incorporate audio into the TV commercial
A TV commercial builds brand equity just by running on a TV screen, amongst professionally made TV content on a TV network. Spark their interest with a few of your best keywords.

End Card
The last 3 seconds should state your brand name, URL and/or a tag line.


Determine a goal of the TV commercial
Create a clear and informative message to spike interest in users who may be unfamiliar with your brand.

Highlight 1 to 2 Unique Selling Points
What will make someone remember your brand? I.e. Quality Ingredients, Ethically made, Low Prices. Helpful tip: People tend to forget after 3.

End Card
The last 3 seconds should state your brand name, URL and/or a tag line.

Direct Response

Determine a goal of the TV commercial
Encourage users to your site.

Get to the point fast
Traditional Direct Response TV commercials were designed to lead up to a main USP. CTV Direct Response commercials should gain attention fast and finish with a strong Call-To-Action.

Use persistent URL’s throughout the TV commercial
This is the best way of say your brand name. Direct your audiences to your site without impacting the look and quality of the video.

State a strong Call-To-Action in the TV commercial
Let your audience know what they can do to learn more about your offering, i.e. “Visit us at…”, “Redeem free shipping at…”.

Companion Ads

Mirror the same brand look and feel as your TV commercial
Reinforce your brand message after someone has seen your TV commercial. If you use a white text logo in your video, use that same white logo in your Companion ad. Help new users recognize your brand.

Mirror the Call-to-Action of the TV commercial
Further encourage users to visit your site.

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