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What is an OTT agency?

OTT agency is the organizing body behind a successful ROI boost led by a groundbreaking advertisement campaign. Being a marketer or a dedicated brand owner, you’ll always look up to an OTT agency to cater to creative campaigns and measure real-time analytics.

OTT agencies are equipped with all the essential expertise required to provide a full-stack benefit to any OTT advertising business.

How Do OTT Agencies Help Promote Marketers and Brands? 

OTT advertising companies or agencies have the holistic expertise to plan and manage advertising campaigns according to your brand’s needs.

How Are OTT Agencies Promoting Your Brand’s Outreach? 

Through traditional outreach methods, winning a significant viewer count of millions isn’t a piece of cake. OTT agencies have developed strategic concerns to target the maximum audience through a single source.

Here’s how it’s leading marketing benefits for your brand:

  • Through trackable metrics, OTT agencies know when, where, and how to target a particular group of people to gain the highest user attention.
  • OTT agencies seamlessly benefit cord-never and cord-cutters that aren’t easy to interact with through conventional means.
  • Reaching out to audiences consuming premium entertainment content is sturdy to tackle. An OTT agency makes sure to use the same content format and platform within a sustainable cost for the said audience.

Keynes – a Full-Service CTV/OTT Partner

Keynes provides real-time analytics of your brand growth through top-ranking programmatic channels. Keynes proudly possesses the qualities of an ultimate advertising company aiming to provide you with the following:

  • Organizing An Effective Media Strategy: Keynes helps your brand with the marketing campaign while anchoring your campaign with the most impactful programmatic media strategy.
  • Direct Interaction with The Inventory: Connecting with an OTT advertising inventory directly is important, as mid-vendors might take a slack off your budget to spend on an ad campaign. Keynes ensures a fully productive consumption of your budget while ditching subsiding costs.
  • Trackable Marketing Process: One of the influential sides of OTT marketing is its potential to be tracked and measured for growth and prospective policy-making. Keynes ensures this outcome through a digital (consumer conversions/Web store visits) check and in-store audience intake.

What is OTT?

OTT or Over The Top is an umbrella term that covers premium content streaming online through renowned channels such as HuluNetflix, ESPN, etc. OTT channel is the advanced format of streaming entertainment content through the internet over most CTV devices.

Over the Top Market Growth and Trends 

With the inception of digital evolution, the broadcasting and content streaming industry led to an upsurge of cord-cutters and cord-nevers. Now, users can watch or download OTT movies, countless TV shows, and sports events without connecting with a traditional cable or satellite service.

We’ve split some of the significant CTV market growth stats as:

  • Market size is expected to surpass 1241.6 Billion dollars by 2030 with a CAGR of 26.42%.
  • The major market growth is driven by HuluDisney+Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, Apple TV+Peacock, etc.
  • Smartphones and smart devices majorly drive the demand for OTT services. The incline to adopt these devices is proportionally boosting the OTT market.
OTT Channel Expectations

Diversity in viewership options comes with great responsibility for OTT channels. The shift of control choice from OTT channels greatly towards viewers is clear evidence.

Pre and post-pandemic brought forth different expectations from streaming experts. Some believed that content consumption might decline once the matter is settled down. Ironically, the increased subscription numbers indicate an inclining trend among OTT hosts.

Henceforth, viewers are more eager in 2022 and onwards to binge-watch thrilling and exciting OTT content. Squid games, Wednesday, or Amazon’s great deal of all times as “Buying MGM.”

OTT Platform Meaning

The best OTT platforms full form can be best described through their classification of advertisement modes. This classification divides them as:

1. SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) 

It includes premium OTT content hosts that provide advertisement-free content to their users. SVOD OTT channels are:

2. TVOD (Transactional Video On Demand) 

These OTT platforms are functional under the pay-per-view model, where the audience can either pay once to view it or buy it for repeated viewership. TVOD OTT platforms are:

  • Amazon Prime Video Store
  • Google Play
  • iTunes
  • Sky Box Office
3. AVOD (Advertising Based Video-On-Demand) 

AVOD provides users with free content in exchange for ads displayed over video streaming. AVOD Platforms are:

OTT Platforms Advertising

OTT advertising is the display of ads on viewers’ screens while they’re watching OTT videos. Ads can be displayed during the streaming video or after and before it. However, they’re two ways to advertise through OTT medium.

Programmatic Advertising Buying

Programmatic advertising uses an automation mode to purchase ad space on a digital platform. That ad space is then optimized with algorithms generated from your brand’s goals towards growth and reaching a particular group of people.

Benefits of Programmatic Buying
  • Programmatic buying takes place through real-time ad space bidding and is a custom-tailored process for each brand.
  • The conventional modes of advertising have already set the path for marketers and advertisers. Yet, programmatic buying enhances its products’ value by many folds.
  • Programmatic ad buying has fragmented traditional TV ads into other potential short ad formats. This method doesn’t require excessive creativity and brings back more customer concentration.
Direct Buying 

Buying ad space or ads directly from the OTT platform or OTT service provider is called direct ad buying.

Benefits of Direct Buying
  • Direct ad buying allows marketers to publish ads during a time frame.
  • As a marketer, you can have more control over the advertising inventory than other modes of buying ads on OTT.

Henceforth, at Keynes, we believe in driving an ad campaign through its successful outcomes. The audience will stay with you for the long term as the promising jackpots in an ad campaign are trackable to guide future TV commercials.

OTT vs CTV Advertising

In the current aura of digital marketing and advertising, OTT vs CTV doesn’t make a big difference regarding their service to host ad campaigns.

OTT Marketing

OTT marketing refers to using digital space or any OTT medium to advertise ads before a target audience. OTT marketing is achievable across any device connected to the internet.

Benefits of OTT Advertising to Brands of All Sizes 

OTT advertising benefits brands of all sizes equally, irrespective of any pre-set budget. It can serve your goals residing in your preferred expenditure.

  • Transparent Branding: Brand safety is what most brand owners are looking for. OTT advertising ensures a fully functional utilization of your marketing budget into a top-notch ads inventory.
  • Quality Content Delivery: OTT advertising sets the bar for LRQ (Living Room Quality) ads to display along the most potential viewing device or Connected TV device.
  • Measurable and Trackable Growth Points: One of the biggest flexes owned by OTT marketing, in contrast with linear TV advertising, is its ability to track and measure the metrics for a campaign. Measuring the analytics such as viewership count, web visits, major conversions medium, etc., are conveniently done with Over The Top advertising.
Over The Top Marketing – Find Your Audience

Over The Top advertising benefits marketers with the help of:

  • Test vs control group analysis
  • Maximized Confidence Interval after utilizing top-tier marketing strategies
  • Fruitful site visits calculation for Determining Real-Time consumer conversions.

OTT Examples

OTT and CTV content is entirely based on automation-led metrics and trackable statistics. This practice induces the production of video assets tailored to the viewers’ expectations and interests.

Not only this, an OTT marketing strategy possess the capacity to locate audiences based on their interests in a brand and bring forth potentially long-term consumer-brand interaction.

Apart from the usual advantages extracted from extravagant OTT advertising, it’s the first choice for performance-driven marketers. Cross-device verified web visits are an impactful outcome that makes OTT marketing the ultimate way to track ad views and time windows utilized by the target audience.

Some renowned OTT examples are NetflixHulu, CuriosityStream, Pluto TV, Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, BritBox, etc.

For a more detailed insight into building an effective media buying strategy for your brand, contact our advertising team of experts at Keynes HERE.

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