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OTT Examples

OTT has become the face of live content streaming within no time! The popularity is justifiable with the service it’s putting forth, as OTT channels have become a household choice!

OTT full form is “Over The Top,” which can be metaphorically relatable to the streaming content ahead of conventional means. OTT is all about premium content with an Avant grand diversity of content. It’s like a home cinema where you can have an interruptionless view of content across the globe.

OTT Platforms – A Great Market value

The growth of OTT platforms is following a smooth drift while catering to premium content quality and diversity. Currently, OTT marketing has crossed the gross value of 615.34 million dollars. OTT is expected to grab a net worth of 1375.45 million dollars by 2027 while entering the markets of developing countries.

Growth of Live Streaming Industry- Over the Years

The growth of OTT platforms is following a smooth drift while catering to premium content quality and diversity. Currently, OTT marketing has crossed the gross value of 615.34 million dollars. OTT is expected to grab a net worth of 1375.45 million dollars by 2027 while entering the markets of developing countries.

What is OTT Platform?

What is an OTT platform, and what time to make a knowledgeable understanding? OTT platforms full form is like a hosting channel where you provide multiple video streaming services to your consumers. Subscribers surf through a pile of content (like OTT movies or TV shows) from digital content creators, media hubs and channels, and whatnot.

All OTT platforms are available as full-fleshed OTT apps compatible with multiple software (iOS, Android, Smart TV, etc.).

Here’s an OTT platform list that’s popular around the globe:

OTT Platforms – An Advertisers’ Dream

OTT platforms have become the first choice for consumers and marketers as they’re widely accessible through CTV.

  • Content choice: Viewers and advertisers can switch to their desired content in a fraction of a second. Hence, it’s a piece of cake for advertisers to crash a particular market with the right advertising.
  • Unicast: Unicast is another benevolent feature that provides a private connection to every CTV device. There’s no third-party involvement at both consumers’ and advertisers’ end.
  • Evolutionary SpaceOTT advertising or CTV advertising is evolving continuously. Hence, the demand shifts towards a creative digital landscape.

Hence, the current digital ecosystem is favorable to customizable services, where users can view what they want and when they want. Through real-time metrics, advertisers can get straight to their users’ devices and content of choice.

OTT Platform Providers – Stay “Premium”

If you’re an advertiser or a brand owner, nothing can stop you from reaching your peak outreach through OTT.

Something to keep in mind when testing or running CTV vs OTT, we don’t all watch the same channels, all the time! Keynes cannot stress enough how important running CTV and OTT programmatically is. Having access to the world’s largest and most premium network partners means we have the highest opportunity of finding your future customers… On any OTT platform.

But in terms of OTT platforms, we suggest following the guidelines of a few while OTT platform providers face higher and higher with the introduction of advent advertising features now and then.

We consider Hulu the best OTT platform to follow to level up your advertising game:


Hulu has strict requirements for advertisers on video creative to keep their platform pristine and never diluted with low-quality ads.

Hulu also has fantastic features of an ad-supported subscription. It can be your potential advertisement host with an active viewership of 92 million (ad-supported version).

Popular OTT Platform Providers

OTT platforms have assisted the horizon of advertisement and marketing through live streaming in its evolutionary journey. Whether it’s about the groundbreaking Amazon OTT advertising or the challenging stats of viewership growth, OTT is the ultimate support system.

1. Hulu (Again)

Not only does Hulu have the best standards for assets, but Hulu also has a net viewership of 100 million active users, while the major sum comes from the 35-44 years of age group.

Hulu has exclusive subscription bundles that are customized to serve its viewers in the best possible way! Hulu CPM costs $20-$60, depending on the choice of package. Under the banner of heaven, God Forbid, House of Dragon, and many more are striking through Hulu’s massive viewership.

2. Peacock

Peacock is a comparatively new OTT platform that’s a library of phenomenal Peacock originals and NBCUniversal masterpieces.
Peacock has a free as well as a premium version too.

The current cost of Peacock CPM is running at $30 to $40. You can roam through Sports live streaming as Copa Mundial De La FIFA or watch some exclusive Peacock originals as A Friend of the Family!

3. Netflix

As evident from the OTT full form, Netflix is truly carrying the live-streaming genre on a whole new level. Being the largest and original media display site, it’s a wide array of audiences from Gen Z to millennials and Gen X viewers.

Currently, Netflix CPM (Cost Per thousand Impressions) is said to be $60 as a debut price. Whereas shows like Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, and Narcos have gained massive popularity.

4. ESPN+

ESPN+ is popular among sports enthusiasts as it provides premium live streaming of sports events. It’s popular among millennials as well as Gen Z also.

The average CPM for ESPN+ is somewhere around $10.98. If you’re passionate about Sports shows, ESPN+ has a treat for you. Shows like Highly Questionable, First Take, and Pardon The Interruption, etc., are worth hours long sitting.


Though mostly used together terms, OTT vs CTV has distinct features.

The only correlation between the terms is that both support the “Cord-cutting” phenomenon.

OTT Advertising and CTV Advertising

Although OTT and CTV advertising is interchangeable terms, as most view, their roles are significantly different.

CTV Advertising:

  • CTV advertising is about displaying ads through all of the streaming devices or CTV devices connected with an internet connection.
  • CTV ads appear as video commercials viewed during the live content streaming break.

OTT Advertising:

  • OTT advertising displays ads separately on an OTT platform based on your subscription.
  • OTT Ads have multiple formats, posted on ad-supported OTT subscriptions.
  • Custom user controls form a direct connection between target users and advertisers.

Moreover, CTV and OTT advertising are relatable regarding metrics analysis and 1st and 3rd party data consumption.

As real-time effectiveness is measured through advanced tactics, OTT determines the lag areas and the potent aspects of your advertisement. Henceforth, you’ve acknowledged what your consumers want from you and their expectations.

In a nutshell, CTV advertising backs up OTT platforms in accomplishing their advertisement goals.

CTV and OTT Advertising – A Comprehensive Overview

Today the pitched battle between OTT platforms is storming through Netflix and the OTT giant “Disney” with its arbitrariness. Not just that, there are other emerging platforms as well, such as Peacock, ESPN+, etc.

The collective viewership of CTV and OTT is skyrocketing. With similar roots (cord cutters), CTV and OTT advertising often come together.

To extract the nectar, the OTT channel has to excel at certain metrics and evaluation strategies.

KPI metric examples that can be reached in a CTV/OTT campaign:

  • Reach
  • Impressions “CPMs”
  • Video-Completion-Rate “VCR”
  • Cost-Per-Visit “CPV”
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition “CPA”
  • Cost-Per-Walk-Through “CPWT”
  • Return-On-Ad-Spend “ROAS”

This is to show that OTT advertising is a branding AND performance channel tracking real-time results.

Safely said, the exponential incline your brand will follow after investing in OTT advertising can never be touched by linear TV advertising or conventional marketing.

If you’re looking for video creative OTT advertising examples, please visit our TV Commercial Reviews HERE. Here you’ll find our CEO, Dan Larkman reviewing TV ads based on branding and direct response. He gets into the nitty gritty of what advertisers should be looking for when building their creatives based on their goals.

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