International Women’s Day Theme is “DigitALL”

International Women’s Day Theme is “DigitALL”

International Women’s Day Theme is “DigitALL” 1024 576 Keynes Digital

The theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality” – a subject very close to the heart of everyone who works at Keynes. The theme focuses on how digital innovation and technology can contribute to gender equality and empower women in all aspects of life.

The digital advertising industry has always been male-dominated. However, women are beginning to make significant strides as more women lead digital advertising agencies, manage digital marketing campaigns, and bring important ideas and perspectives to the industry and how it operates.

At Keynes, our leadership team is predominantly female. We value the ideas of everyone across our teams. Our vision to be a flexible, remote business from launch in 2018, before Covid made it cool!, means that we are sensitive to the needs of our teams outside of work, a necessary factor in attracting and retaining female talent in business.

We asked some women at Keynes what this year’s theme DigitALL meant to them.

Fiona McKinnon, Keynes’s COO, commented, ‘”t is all too easy for us in the US & UK to imagine that everyone has equal access to technology and the opportunities that being fully engaged in the digital world represents. However, we must not ignore the fact that in many developing countries women are still left behind in terms of access to technology. This is a significant barrier to achieving gender equality, as access to technology is often essential for education, employment, financial, social and political participation. We still have a lot of work to do to give women equal opportunities – I feel very passionately that we have to continue to fight for women all over the world to have equal access to technology.”

Brittany Alexander, Keynes’s Director of Accounts, comments, “To me, digital equality means having a voice that is heard and respected in the workplace. It means having the ability to openly express thoughts and feedback and make decisions that are both welcomed and adopted by others.

At Keynes, we have a strong female presence within all teams. We encourage independent thought, action, and growth for everyone. Being part of an organization that consistently approaches the work environment with transparency and open communication helps promote a supportive environment and one that celebrates achievements across the entire organization.”

Daniella Romanaggi, Keynes’s Director of Performance, says, “As a woman in digital advertising, digital equality means the ability to have equal opportunities and access to resources, regardless of gender. It means my voice and contributions are valued and acknowledged and that I’m not discriminated against because of my gender. Keynes represents digital equality by having equal representation, creating an inclusive environment that supports and empowers women to thrive in the digital advertising space. Our Keynes ladies are incredible role models representing unique perspectives and experiences which have led to successful, creative and innovative campaigns.”

Julie DiBucci, Keynes’s Marketing Manager, comments, “As a woman in the digital space, digital equality means having a seat at the table alongside equal opportunities. At Keynes, our team has a strong women’s presence. We foster a supportive work environment where transparency and autonomy are key. By celebrating achievements across the entire organization, everyone’s recognized for their hard work. Keynes’s incredibly driven ladies and company, as a whole, are strong representations of what our society should be working towards.”

Sheree Shea, Keynes’s Account Manager, says, “Keynes Digital upholds a strong esteem towards collaboration and communication within our lean team of inclusive professionals. We strive for an open, honest, and respectful workplace, where all are afforded the opportunity for discourse and inclusivity. A testament to achieving equality is our continued efforts toward maintaining a culture of formal and informal interactions. We prioritize the feedback loop and recognize mutual achievements at all levels of our organization through kudos and inventing processes that congratulate success and advancement. Senior Leadership is well represented with equality in mind and we collaborate with perpetual enthusiasm for flexibility and sincere appreciation of investing in employee connectedness!

Our “Ladiez” (yes, with a Z) Slack chat is our central hub of accountability and intrinsic motivation!”

Shannon Stuart, Keynes’s Account Manager, comments, “Early on and throughout my career, I have experienced what it was like to be treated differently because I’m a woman. Even before entering the digital marketing and advertising space when I was still a small business owner, I felt the impact of gender inequality. Because of my experiences, I am passionate about being part of a team that values, respects and encourages women in the workplace. This is one of the main reasons why I looked to Keynes when making a change in my career. 

At Keynes, I work alongside some of the most remarkable people, many of whom are women that are incredibly smart, passionate and dedicated to personal growth and the growth of the company. Digital equality, to me, means having my voice heard, being respected and supported every day!”

Jane Pasciolco, Keynes’s Performance Analyst, says, “Women have made significant strides in the digital advertising industry over the years and have made an amazing impact to promote women’s empowerment.

Keynes gives us a safe space where our voices can be heard and never judged. We’re all treated with equality, giving us opportunities such as mentorship programs to help everyone in the company excel in the future. We’re encouraged to have a work-life balance where we have flexible schedules to help support our work and other responsibilities. The women in Keynes are a great group of bad a$$ role models and leaders who are supporting and celebrating every achievement and is a great representation of women all around the world.”

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