Decisioned Media, A CTV Buying Dream

Decisioned Media, A CTV Buying Dream

Decisioned Media, A CTV Buying Dream 2240 1260 Keynes Digital

“…[the] future is going to be very much around bidding, and I would expect more revenue going in that direction, because the yield is higher for the networks… a shift to more real-time bidding is massive for advertisers’ performance and outcomes as well.”

Dan Larkman, CEO & Founder of Keynes Digital was interviewed and featured by The Current on the power of real-time bidding (RTB) and its impact on connected TV (CTV). Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn in the article, found here:

  • The future is not only for networks, it’s all-inclusive.
  • Real-time bidding is projecting a 26% increase in transactions by 2024.
  • Bidding environments allow advertisers to use their own data and gain more value.

We’re all looking for what’s best for us to grow. We’re transforming data-driven decisioning that allows advertisers to connect CTV with other channels for more cohesive campaign insights.

Giving advertisers more control sets them up to make targeting decisions, a simplified more direct understanding of their audiences, and optimize… more effectively.

Audiences are the key to unlocking cost-effectiveness and campaign performance. So, does it really make sense to settle for a stiff blanket of who your audience might be? Open the door of opportunity and talk with our consultants (here) about making a more effective connected TV advertising strategy. 

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