Connected TV’s Impact on Paid Media Channels

Connected TV’s Impact on Paid Media Channels

Connected TV’s Impact on Paid Media Channels 1196 558 Keynes Digital

A conversion lift shows the causal impact ads make on a consumer’s decision to take an action, such as to make a purchase, visit a certain page, or download an app.

This allows advertisers to better understand where their investments are making the biggest influence.

Conversion Lift Study

Keynes conducted a conversion lift study for a high-end health supplement brand to help show more visibility into how running Connected TV advertising through our team as their full-service partner impacts their overall sales and revenue.

This brand was happy and saw a positive result on overall New Users, New Customers, and Company Revenue. However, they were also looking to unravel the true impact of Connected TV advertising on all other paid media. We rolled up our sleeves and dove deep into the full customer journey.

We established a test and control group by randomizing their target audience into an 80/20 split of consumers.

We implemented a methodology in which we bid as we normally would on users, but for the control segment, we placed an artificial bid on users. If we were to win that bid and therefore serve a commercial to this user, we’d instead place them into the group.

As opposed to running a traditional test/control test where we measure against an overall market, this allows for an incredibly clean and fair approach to measuring user behavior.

Most industry platforms use an 80% confidence interval meaning they’re willing to accept a 20% chance of finding lift when the test and control groups do not differ in conversion behavior. But to be as precise as possible, Keynes Digital used a 90% confidence interval, which means we accepted only a 10% chance of finding statistically significant lift when the test and control groups do not differ in their conversion behavior.

We found those users who were exposed to a Connected TV ad converted at a 16% higher rate than those within our target audience who were not exposed to the Connected TV ad.

This study revealed an astonishing impact.

  • We drove nearly a 10% lift in overall converters.
  • We determined that a user who was exposed to a Connected TV ad and visited the site via a Paid Search link was 4.4x more likely to make a purchase than a user who only clicked on a Paid Search link.
  • We also determined a user exposed to a Connected TV ad and any paid channel was 4.3x more likely to purchase than if they had not been exposed to a Connected TV ad.

Connected TV advertising proved to be a valuable staple in this advertiser’s marketing strategy.

It was not only successful in driving users to the site directly, but the campaign also positively complimented all of their paid media channels (Paid Search, Social, PLA’s, and SEO) and the entirety of a brand’s incremental lift.

Connected TV advertising continues to grow within programmatic advertising and this test helped show the true impact the channel can have on overall brand growth.

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