Who is 2020s Clear Cut Winner?

Who is 2020s Clear Cut Winner?

Who is 2020s Clear Cut Winner? 1439 734 Keynes Digital

2020 feels like a marathon and we’re only at the 15-mile mark. We’ve seen anything from brands boycotting Facebook to online-only companies thriving, but the clear cut winner for marketing has to be Connected TV advertising. With major studios: NBCU (Peacock) and HBO (HBO Max) launching their digital-only offering, the content and advertising opportunities through the rest of the year could not be more exciting! 

The main point to highlight is the belief that Connected TV advertising will only continue to excel. At-home content viewership has increased dramatically with almost 90% of consumers having access to a Connected TV device. As a result, TV streaming services are obtaining more content and US households are increasingly cutting the cord and forgoing traditional cable TV services to ultimately save money and have a more convenient at-home experience. This is increasingly attractive to advertisers to use spend on targeted messages to households through ad-streaming services. 

Like programmatic display, the industry is pushing for programmatic Connected TV to be a more data-centric, cheaper, and efficient space for digital advertising. In recent months, this space has seen the launch of Disney+, NBC Universal’s Peacock, HBO Max and Quibi–all of which are part of existing services such as Hulu, Apple TV+, Roku, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Pluto and many more mass-market content TV providers. 

This not only opens up more channels for content consumption for consumers but also expands the opportunity for brands to reach new audiences, forcing marketers to enter the competition and maintain their brand presence. With these main TV providers becoming more accessible through programmatic DSPs, companies are able to target more appropriately and efficiently and leverage frequency capping to reduce the oversaturation of a consumer.

Connected TV advertising serves high-quality TV commercials on premium, log-in required network apps. And many of these targeted audiences are custom curated based on a variety of first-party and third-party data tactics and forged through various direct network relationships to optimize against the most relevant and top-tier networks for brands.

2020’s health crisis has shown us just how quickly consumer behavior can shift and alter in the programmatic space. Brands need to be ready to make fast, efficient, and smart changes to keep up with the ever-changing digital ecosphere–whether it may be. Companies who want to maximize their advertising spend, where they can get the most impactful results, need to know that Connected TV advertising is this “new normal’s” best solution.

So while people wish away 2020, there is still so much in store for streaming viewers. Studios are and will continue to produce, plus live sports are making a comeback. Here are a few great Connected TV advertising streaming finds, by Thrillist, in the month of July alone:

  • Maxxx, Hulu.
  • Room 104, HBO.
  • The House of Ho, HBO Max.
  • Absentia, Amazon Prime.
  • Black is King, Disney+.
  • Get Even, Netflix.

And a few more upcoming launches to keep on the radar:

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