Why Keynes?

Why Keynes? 1920 950 Keynes Digital


Having a full-service team means saving our partners’ time and money. We’ll build a bespoke media plan for your brand, set the campaign up, optimize the campaign, send weekly reporting and optimizations with 24/7 reporting access, as well as detailed campaign analytics. Our goal is to feel like an extension of your marketing team.


Trust is a core part of the foundation of Keynes. We expose the good, the bad, and the ugly with data. Your campaign data comes directly from the DSP, so it makes no difference whether the data makes Keynes look great or not great at all. We want to make sure we provide your data in the most honest way possible. Honesty is also an integral aspect of our Account Services team, where they will give truthful opinions and advice based on what they’re seeing in the market and what they’re seeing on your campaign. Ultimately, it’s your marketing campaign for your company. It’s our job to make sure we give you the right information to make those decisions to make your relationship with Keynes successful.


Clean data is the only data Keynes will present. Analysts spend too many hours collecting data from multiple different sources then combine, pivot, and add formulas to them. Our reporting is designed to end the pivoting. Our philosophy is if you need to add formulas to our reports, we’ve failed.


The programmatic industry is constantly changing and evolving. At Keynes, we simplify that for our partners by always staying up-to-date with industry trends and changes and making sure it’s as simple as possible for everyone to understand. And as simplicity is a part of our core, it’s poured into our reporting that’s then poured into our servicing that’s even poured into our communication. We make sure that we’re not adding complexity to people’s everyday lives, but instead, we take it away from them, making everything as simple as possible to understand and easy to digest.


Performance marketing is in Keynes’ DNA. Specifically for Connected TV and programmatic, performance is within about two variables–attribution and audiences. Attribution is why we’ve partnered with the four leading cross device companies–AdBrain, TapAd, LiveRamp, and Oracle–to give us at least a 95 percent accuracy on users and their devices. It’s the only way to get the cleanest, most accurate data to optimize towards your performance goals.

When it comes to audiences, it’s why we’ve stayed fully independent of all audience providers. There are hundreds of audience providers and thousands of different audiences within their taxonomies. Whichever providers and segments are best for you will be different from which are best for a brand completely different from yours. We let the first-party data tell us which third-party data to test and which third-party data to buy. This is why we place a universal pixel on your site to cross-reference your first-party data and your converted users with every taxonomy we have available to us. We use this to work out the best audiences to test and find which are best for your brand.

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