Connected TV Myths

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MythBuster #1: It is too expensive to run a Connected TV campaign

Many advertisers imagine TV campaigns to be. Historically, traditional TV spots ran for half a million dollars a month on upfront commitments to TV networks.

Connected TV advertising opened up the opportunity for brands to be able to run a successful TV spot starting at a reasonable price. With Keynes, advertisers can run a campaign starting at $10,000 a month. This means even small-medium sized brands can have their TV commercials potentially run alongside commercials for companies like Nike, Allstate, or even Walmart. The best part of running on Connected TV means you’re able to collect strong additional data to optimize towards your target goals.

MythBuster #2: We don’t have creative suitable to run on Connected TV

In today’s marketing world, it’s crucial that advertisers use video assets to support their brand. Even if brands don’t have content originally meant for Connected TV advertising, specifically, it’s more than likely that they have videos running on Social Media or Youtube. This is content that can be repurposed.

That said, we do suggest asking yourself a couple of questions first.:

  • Is my video asset high enough quality?
  • Does my video asset tell my brand message?

To determine whether your video asset is high enough quality, visit Keynes’ CTV Spec Check, a new feature we built to allow advertisers to test whether their video asset will make it to the TV screen or not. If not, it will tell you exactly what needs to be adjusted to make it high enough quality.

To determine whether your video asset tells your brand message, visit Keynes One View TV Review Commercials page, another new feature to help guide advertisers on what’s needle-moving for TV commercials. This page ranks TV ads from the best to worst and exposes what is crucial to include and what may be missing.

Video creative can be done very inexpensively without looking or feeling such. By running Connected TV advertising and making sure to tick off the essentials to do so in their asset, advertisers will gain brand equity as well as run an ad alongside all major fortune 500 companies.

MythBuster #3: Connected TV is not trackable

Connected TV advertising is trackable. Unlike linear TV, you can now track CTV as you would any other programmatic channel. Many brands use Google Analytics to track performance across their paid media channels. While CTV is not expected to appear in GA, given the last-click nature of the attribution, there are other ways you can show the impact of CTV advertising on your overall business and even on other specific paid media channels.

Through our partnerships with 4 of the leading cross-device technologies, our reporting platform not only shows if a user saw a TV and visited your site directly but also identifies if a user saw a TV commercial and then navigated to the site via another paid source, such as Paid Search, Paid Social, or Email. We can then detect how much more likely a user was to visit or convert after seeing just a Connected TV ad or a Connected TV ad combined with another one of your paid ads. This type of multi-touch analysis is important for Connected TV advertising as an upper-funnel, direct-response channel. Whether directly or as a key assist, our goal is simply to help our brand score goals.

MythBuster #4: It’s too confusing to learn how to run on Connected TV.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it, Connected TV advertising can be confusing as the industry is constantly growing and evolving with new digital terms expanding constantly.

Keynes put together a digital TV cheat sheet to help our clients and readers learn more about the digital industry acronyms and how they interact with Connected TV advertising. We know Connected TV advertising is quite different from any other programmatic advertising channel and that’s why we specialize in being a full-service team of experts. We understand these funny-sounding words and letters and pass that information to you whether you come to our website, visit our blogs, our tools, and so on. We provide those insights, meanings, and the cruciality of them.

The biggest takeaway is to partner with the right people to make your workloads simpler and companies grow.

MythBuster #5: We’re too small of a brand to run a TV campaign.

How are people hearing about you? Through Instagram? Facebook? Paid search? How do you fill that top of the funnel? How do you drive that New Customer Acquisition?

With Keynes’ minimum test budgets of $20,000 per month, there is no better way to drive new users than Connected TV advertising. We focus on making Connected TV advertising a simple and friendly space for all brands to enjoy and benefit from. Consumers are familiar with seeing the fortune 500 company TV commercials. For smaller brands, a TV commercial being served in the mix of the big players means having a larger chance of gaining credibility with consumers. A half a million-dollar TV commercial turned into a $20,000 TV commercial with analytics to better optimize towards your overall marketing goals.

Are your video assets ready for the TV screen? CTV Spec Check >