5 Reasons to Switch to Keynes Digital

5 Reasons to Switch to Keynes Digital

5 Reasons to Switch to Keynes Digital 1600 739 Keynes Digital

1 Simplicity

Keynes’ technology is designed to make programmatic advertising as simple as social. We combine the most detailed data and make it digestible and actionable for our partners. By providing effortless campaign management, marketers are able to focus their time elsewhere.

2 Experts

Our seasoned team of experts recognize and provide full service for campaign management, detailed reporting, and transparent insights and recommendations. Our goal is to feel like an extension of your marketing team.

3 No hidden fees

Keynes prides itself on its simplicity and transparency. By eliminating all traditional expenses of running a business, we are able to provide significantly lower margins than industry standard. This means spending more money on your media, reducing the overall costs for ads, and increasing your ROI.

4 Detailed reporting

Keynes reporting user interface is designed to give marketers all the information they need on their campaigns. Our philosophy is to expose the good, the bad and the ugly with data. We allow the data to drive the insights. We’ve created a platform that you can use to slice your data in every way imaginable. Our reporting starts with an Executive Summary tab, providing a quick snapshot of your campaigns’ performance. You are then able to drill down into data by day of week, hour, creative message, creative size, all the way to what networks you’ve been running on.

5 Reliable audiences

We use your first-party data to guide us on which 3rd party audiences to select and target. Being independent of our data providers gives us the flexibility to consistently test new segments based on what is and is not performing. If it’s the best for your campaign, it’s the best to buy. 




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