Keynes’ Reporting UI

Keynes’ Reporting UI

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Introducing Keynes Digital’s Campaign Reporting Platform. A user interface that provides your data in an organized, digestible, and actionable format. 

We focus on simple, full-service advertising that’s trustworthy and we utilize industry standard reporting metrics, without the smoke and mirrors. Our philosophies on data are:

  1. It shouldn’t tell a story, it should tell the truth.
  2. If we have it available to us, our advertisers should have it available to them.
  3. It should be easy to understand and exportable in any format – from readable to spreadsheets.

When starting this project, our teams’ focus was on providing simple and actionable data.

With a focus on IAB standard reporting metrics, our platform provides the ability to view, filter, and analyze campaign data in a way that makes it easy to see exactly where marketing budgets are being allocated.  

Simple Navigation Bar

First things first, a simple navigation bar makes it easier to find, read and export the data you are looking for:






Date Range









Dan Larkman, Keynes CEO & Founders says:

“Keynes has always focused on honesty, simplicity and efficiency. As an analyst for most of my career the time I spent collecting, combing and formatting data was insane. We built our platform tackling the needs of all stakeholders at all experience levels, from senior member wanting a quick emailed overview to an analyst wanting to looking at the most granular details.”


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