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Performance TV has paved the way for advertisers and given them freedom. Performance TV enabled the advertisers to target their audience and concentrate on conversions. It is very easy and simple to set up. You just have to upload your video and enter the necessary information.

Why Advertisers Prefer Performance TV

Advertisers have always tried maximum effort marketing for their products. Performance TV helps you to generate maximum income and earnings by targeting specific audiences. It furthermore enables you in initiating campaigns that can be operated by you.

Performance TV gives you a wide range of results. Its outcomes can either meet your expectations and searches or can also surpass them. So, performance TV assists the advertiser in measuring the results of the campaign.

Many brands use performance tv and attempt maximum effort marketing to attain their customers. Such brands include Alexander Wang, Montblanc, YETI, and many more. Performance TV helps advertisers to obtain new customers.

What is Performance TV?

Performance TV helps you to convey ads to the selected audience. Performance TV advertising also helps you to check and measure the outcomes of an advertiser’s campaign. It was very difficult for the advertisers to conclude the results of the advertisement on TV.

Performance TV has introduced new methods of marketing that help you to attract your selected audience. These new ways include:

  • Exploring
  • Attribution
  • Reselecting
  • Scaling and measurement

How to Use Performance TV?

It is very easy to use a performance TV for the advertisement of your product. You must upload your advertisement video through Dropbox. Then you must enter the necessary information because the video is brought up to the standard quality automatically. The platform might ask you for information about the following:

  • The targeted audience
  • Your goals
  • Your budget and many more

After you are done with all this procedure, you can see and measure your ad’s performance.

Examples of Connected TV Providers

Connected TV is one of the most rapidly growing platforms for advertisement. It attracts advertisers because of the newly introduced technology which attracts customers. Some examples of a connected TV agency are as follows:

  • Keynes is a full-service and reliable performance agency
  • Hulu
  • Roku
  • MNTN

What is Connected TV?

In the past, all the TVs that we were able to connect to the Internet were known as connected TVs. The definition of Connected TV has quite changed over time. All the digital content that is obtained by various apps and can be streamed over the screen like on mobiles or smart TV is known as connected TV.

Connected TV Advertising Platforms and OTT Advertising Platforms

In traditional antenna, cable, or satellite TV also called linear TV, the advertiser doesn’t have to think about the platform. You place your advertisement with a network or a TV station for a particular time slot, and everyone who views it at that time sees it. A CTV or OTT ad, on the other hand, can appear on a number of platforms.

Steps to Go About Performance TV

The following are the important steps when building performance TV assets:

  • It should not make the viewer put his/her phone away.
  • It should have appropriate and precise information about the product and the location of the ad campaign.
  • Customers should be able to tell who the advertiser is.
  • The quality of the video should be up to the standards.
  • Strong USP should be used.

How Does Connected TV Advertising Work?

Advertisers always use TVs for the promotion of their products to attract customers. With the introduction of the connected TV strategy of advertisement, it became very easy to attract customers. Connected TV advertising works basically through two methods.

Targeting the Specific Audience

One of the main strategies used by connected TV advertisements is its targeting strategy. Connected TV ads select the specific audience according to the information provided by the advertiser. This results in increased chances of the product being sold.

Advertisers Can Measure the Performance of the Campaign

Traditional TV ads didn’t provide advertisers the ability to see and measure the performance of their campaigns. Connected TV advertising helps the advertiser to scale and see into their campaign. Advertisers can assess the progress and success of the campaigns on connected TV.

Connected TV Ad Examples

Connected TV advertisements work mainly by targeting specific customers based on their interests, behavior, geographic location, income, and many more. Some of the connected TV ad examples are given below:

1. Personality and Habit Targeting

Many people are into a healthy lifestyle and workout. So, showing these people ads for workout equipment will result in the success of the ad campaign.

2. Targeting Based on Type of Content Audience See

Connected TV ads also target the audience according to the type of show they watch. For example, showing ads of cosmetics companies to people that watch makeup videos i.e., urban decay. Or showing ads of kitchen sets and food companies to audiences that watch cooking videos religiously like the ad for AHA sparkling water.

3. Age and Gender Targeting 

As it is obvious, different ages of the audience have different interests so connected TV show ads according to age. For instance, showing ads of various dating apps to the younger generation or showing different medication ads to older audiences.

Connected TV ads also target their viewers based on their gender. Showing birth control pill ads to women like simple health can be included in connected TV ads examples.

4. Targeting Based on Location

Connected TV ads also help in the success of ad campaigns by showing ads to the audience living close by. For example, showing the ad for a grocery store or a clothing shop to the people living near these shops.

Comparison Between Connected TV Vs OTT

All types of ads shown on TV that connect to an Internet source are known as Connected TV. TV content that is distributed across the Internet and is made available to connected TV devices like phones, and smart TVs is Over-The-Top.

OTT videos are delivered to the audience by connected TV devices. So, you can see that connected TV acts as a channel for the delivery of OTT videos.

Connected TV Vs Addressable TV

Addressable TV ads are operated mainly through cable services or Video on Demand (VOD) merchandise. Addressable TV ads select their audience based on the data about the households of the viewer. While on the other hand, connected TV delivered ads to their viewers through the Internet on connected TV devices.

The main difference between connected TV vs addressable TV is obvious. Connected TV delivers ads through the devices connected to the Internet.

Benefits of Connected TV

There are many benefits of connected TV advertising for advertisers but some of them are listed below:

  • Precise targeting of the selected audience.
  • Connected TV advertising ensures the safety of the brand to the advertiser because it delivers the ad on channels of premium quality.
  • You can assess and measure the advancement of your ad campaign.
  • You can also use the previous ads that you might have created for a TV commercial or a YouTube video. This saves a lot of time and money for the advertiser.

Connected TV Analytics

TV advertising metrics are done to measure the success rate or progress of an ad campaign. Reach on television can be defined as the number of audiences that had the chance to view an ad in each period. Advertisers have extensive knowledge about the reach of television shows and programs. They use this information to decide the time and place of their ad to be aired.

Linear TV Metrics and Connected TV Analytics

As the use of linear TVs is declining with the advancing time, there will be fewer viewers for ads. It has been estimated that around 7 million Americans cut the cables and removed linear TVs. This resulted in a 13% drop in time spent on linear TV in 2020.

Linear TV ads have other disadvantages as well, for example, they’re not targeted at viewers. On the other hand, most of the population has access to the Internet. This is a big plus point for connected TV analytics.

Despite all these points, it doesn’t mean that linear TV does not provide a higher ROI to advertisers. A linear TV program of high quality may provide you with a higher ROI than an identical CTV program.

Connected TV Benchmarks

Following are the important Connected TV benchmarks that you should focus on to get a successful ad campaign:

  • Attracting the attention of your viewer.
  • Targeting the selected group of viewers.
  • Measuring your ad campaign.
  • Providing ads to your viewers in their living rooms.
TV Advertising Effectiveness

With the increase of digital platforms, advertisers’ outlooks have also increased with time. Advertisers now expect similar transparency, time interval, and quality of TV performance metrics and TV commercial ratings.

Generally, there are two types of TV advertising effectiveness:

  • Direct response: Direct response means that the viewer opens the website of the ad and downloads the app or purchases the item. Direct response is shown by viewers when they visit the website as soon as they see the ad on TV. This response mainly depends on the TV reach and frequency of the viewers in a specific interval of time.
  • Branding: Branding is measured when the viewer visits the web later after viewing the ad on TV. So, the advertiser needs to measure the TV commercial ratings, TV reach calculations, and many more for a successful ad campaign.

Keynes reviews TV commercials and rates them based on Direct Response and Branding. Learn more on the TV Commercial Review page.

Best Connected TV Examples

Keynes provides you with a full-service team that will help you in saving your time and money. Keynes will provide you with a plan, set your companion, and give you weekly reports. Keynes will give you all the information about your ad campaign.

Keynes has developed a tool for advertisers, the CTV Spec Check, where they can submit their videos and add some information like:

  • File size
  • Duration
  • Format
  • Video- bitrate
  • Audio- bitrate and many more

This provides a very simple and easy method for advertisers to start their ad campaign at Keynes.

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