Connected TV Demographics

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Connected TV Demographics

No wonder why Connected TV advertising statistics are a continuous success, with an ever-increasing influx of Gen-Z viewers.

Beyond that, according to recorded Connected TV demographics, older populations are joining this platform. CTV has gained a phenomenal viewership of 183.5 million across the globe, a marketing treat for most advertisers.

Reasons for a Massive Audience Growth

The top-drawer impacts of CTV advertising are evident from its clean sweep against Linear TV viewership, where programs were broadcasted at scheduled times. Although they can be regarded, CTV provides a canny substitute for that kind of content streaming. You can watch your favorite shows and Live Streams later through smart TV catch-ups.

OTT Platforms

OTT services have boosted CTV’s viewership by considerable folds. Platforms like Hulu, Amazon, ESPN+, HBO Max, Netflix, etc., make people return to TV screens for a better viewing experience. These services are constantly upgraded regarding display quality, user controls, optimization, etc. Hence, OTT is one major reason behind CTV’s enormous audience gains.

Connected TV Advertising Statistics

Until now, Connected TV has made a groundbreaking debut on the horizon of advertising and launching advertising campaigns. According to Connected TV statistics, 14.19 billion dollars were spent in 2021. This expenditure is proposed to value at 38.83 billion US dollars by 2026.

What is Connected TV?

Unlike conventional cabled TV, a CTV provides a better and smarter means of video content streaming. By definition, it’s any television, XBOX, Playstation, Sony TV, and many others with an embedded web browser. These CTV are connected to the internet directly or indirectly (Amazon Fire Stick).

Connected TV Devices

CTV’s diverse relatability with the supporting devices has made it surf through more than 80 million households.
People can watch CTV through desktops, tablets, mobile, and TVs, like the following connected TV devices:

LGR Statistics

According to Leichtman Research Group (LRG), the Connected TV market is following exponential growth. The magnificent success story dates back to the end of the century’s first decade (2010 onwards).

Here’s an insight into the inclined curve followed by Connected TV growth:

  • At least one Connected Smart TV is installed in 71% of all US households, while 92% of US households are reachable. It followed a steep growth from 2012 to 2017, with 11% – 41% respectively. Whereas, after the pandemic in 2020, it drastically increased up to 58%, when people were stuck with increased screen time.
  • A total count of 300 million CTV appliances in 2017 has increased to 500 million today after two years of the global pandemic.
  • Today 50% of all TVs are CTVs, with an average of 3.9 CTV devices in the US household.

How Does Connected TV Advertising Work?

Connected TV advertising is about reaching a massive targeted audience with improved optimization of ads.

How does Connected TV advertising work? Here’s a step-wise guide:

  1. Understanding Potential Viewership: Users will view advertisements while streaming their favorite audio or video content or playing games. Let us know who your audience is and we can pull an abundance of audience segments for your insight on who your TV commercial will be served to. And if you don’t know who your audience is, leave it up to Keynes AI to tell you who it is. You’ll get greater insight into who is visiting your site and who is converting.
  2. Building Your TV Commercial: Make sure the TV commercial is message-driven that connects with a major audience.
  3. Optimizing Viewership: Using our technologies, we constantly are optimizing your campaigns with our learnings on how your audiences and TV commercials perform.
  4. Tracking Your Advertising Growth: Measure your success to optimize and evaluate the features of your existing marketing campaign.

How are Connected TV Ads Better Than Other Forms of Advertisement?

The aura of CTV and CTV advertisements has accelerated into smart marketing tactics. Gone are the days when conventional TV ads were merely serving the purpose. CTV viewership has conquered its performance-driven optimization providing maximum outreach for brands. Its accurately measurable capacities have challenged most traditional TV or mobile ads.

How is Connected TV Benefiting Advertisers?

CTV advertising has provided an unimaginable aid to marketers and advertisers. Connected TV advertising is an advertiser’s dream for the following reasons:

  • An excellent way to reach CTV stackers who view and browse various platforms in one TV binge session.
  • Builds brand awareness, reputation, and relationships with your audiences.
  • Keeps you up-to-date with trends and where advertising is moving forward.

Connected TV Advertising Examples

At Keynes, you’ll find the best creative CTV advertising practices accomplished through years of strategic practice. We have tips + tricks to share with you to follow with building your connected TV advertising assets:

General Asset Goals
  • User’s Attention: What inspires viewers to look up to an advertisement with keen interest?
  • Give a Seamless Introduction: Put forward your brand’s identity throughout the commercial subtly without being extra provocative.
  • A Thought-Provoking Audio: The voice of your active advertisement must relate to your consumer audience and keep a persistent spark with some intriguing keywords.
  • Concluding Moments: State your brand’s tagline, URL, and name as the commercial ends.
Direct Response Asset Goals

Direct Response CTV advertising practices should be aimed towards:

  • Determining the motivation behind your commercial.
  • Grab the user’s attention as fast as possible with an immediate Call-to-Action.
  • Keep seamlessly branding your original tagline to build users’ trust to gain more web space visitors.
  • Give a sleek Call-to-Action with a clean and bold tagline and URL.
Branding Asset Goals

Try covering the vital strategies as:

  • Your brand’s long-term goal determination.
  • Quote your best services or selling purposes (1-2 will be enough). It can be the quality or unique composition, etc.
  • State an impactful tagline by the end of your digital endorsement.

Connected TV Companion Ads

Companion ads are mirror advertisements that play a vital role in building a consistent Viewership. Ensure you’re putting forward a staggering message correlating with the commercial video and its original tagline.

You can also read our CEO Dan’s synchronous TV commercial reviews on various commercials based on their branding (High Funnel) and direct response (Low Funnel) strength. Meanwhile, Keynes will resolve your advertising concerns within no time!

Connected TV Demographics

LTG’s 19th survey on the calculation of Connected TV Demographics up to 2022 gives advanced stats based on the latest audience trends.

TV Viewership By Year

The years of smart TV viewership growth and audience trends that ran through the decade are broken down as follows:

  • 87% of US households possess at least one web-embedded connected TV device.
  • In 2020, the viewership was 80%, followed by 69% and 38% in 2017 and 2012, respectively.
  • In 2022, 59% of households installed a stand-alone streaming device. It was much lower in 2014 (4%), dramatically exceeding 40% in just three years (2017). In 2020, it was hiking up to 56% in the US.
  • The average number of Smart or CTV devices increased from 2.4 (2017) to 3.9 (2022).
  • 4% of adult viewership in 2012, 25% in 2017, and 40% in 2020 have crossed 46% in 2022.
Connected TV Watching Statistics by Age

The connected TV watching statistics by age is recorded as:

  • The major CTV viewership count comes from a younger population aged 18-34, 62%.
  • 54% of viewership is allocated to the middle-aged (35-54) and 24% to people older than 55.
  • 27% of the adult population watches web-enabled TV, and viewership through stand-alone devices is 28%. CTV gaming system and Blu-ray player accounts for 12% and 3%, respectively.
Expected Growth in TV Demographics at a Glance

Nielsen’s report on time spent on CTV shows that the annual hours’ expenditure surpassed 81% in 2022.

In 2020, 45.7 million views (49.6 in 2022) came from Gen Z. By 2025. Gen Z is expected to grow by 6.5 million and reach 56.1 million.

Similarly, Millennial CTV viewers currently rank at 60.5 million views and are proposed to cross 62.6 million in 2025.

Advertise on Streaming TV

Advertising on Streaming TV is the most practical way to connect with your consumers and stay on their minds for a long time.

We bid on a user for your TV ad to be served to win them as a customer and then to calculate your growth.

Keynes is always supporting your back to win an advertisement campaign.

  • Streaming TV advertisements are more like stories to some people, and they have the power to make a brand a household name.
  • You’re not just marketing your services but also making people aware of your advanced innovations alongside a thought to explore particular products.
  • Streaming TV advertisements are the handiest way to establish your brand or introduce yourself to the masses. Once they preview your services as video ads, it provokes a sense of trust in new startups.
  • You can analyze the real-time success of an advertisement, be it its video graphics and layout or the active viewership. Google Analytics will also help you provide comparable stats of the current vs. previous campaigns.

Programmatic TV

programmatic TV might be your ultimate choice for spreading your message through communities.

  • It works on playing a supremely refined and optimized shot while targeting the audience based on automated data.
  • Programmatic TVs outline areas where you’ll place your advertisement for optimal outreach.
  • It uses automated strategic metrics to calculate the efficiency of a campaign and optimize it accordingly.

Gaining viewership based on demographics and audiences’ interests is not a tough task anymore. With Keynes, your interests are designed through our tailored advertising services. Reach out now to know more about us!

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