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TV Ad Agency

An advertising agency is an independent service that caters to planning, creating, displaying, and managing brand advertising campaigns. A TV ad agency holds the expertise to build a brand or rebrand your existing business with avant-garde tactics and strategies.

Traditionally, brands and businesses hired these marketing agencies to promote their products or services through electronic and print media.

Here’s how this phenomenal industry grew up into a marketing empire.

History – Traditional Advertising Agencies

The evolutionary history of advertising agencies dates back to the 18th century. William Taylor took a step ahead and put forward the concept of an advertising agency, following a continental recognition within no time.

Later, media outlets hired representatives to sell advertising spaces to various brands and businesses. That led to the current modernized concepts of an advertising agency: writing, planning, creating, direction, motive-driven TVCs, and so on.

Role of Marketing Agencies – Start of TV Ads Era

Traditional advertising agencies were only responsible for displaying ads and selling potential spots. With the development of television graphics and a drift toward colored mutants, top marketing agencies continue to advent new strategies to gather a consistent Viewership.

It was the time when ad agencies partnered with brands to create engaging and creativity-driven commercials. Instead of just posting ads for brands, agencies started recognizing the need to hit the grandeur of the audience. For this purpose, more channels were invited on board with various experimental TV ads.

Digital Marketing Agency

In the era of social media campaigns and Connected TV, advertising has stormed marketing concepts. Nowadays, a digital marketing agency is your prime partner in designing and running ad campaigns, collecting success stats, looking for new and creative ideas, and many more.

Traditional advertising agencies would only help you advertise through a niche market. Today, a digital marketing agency ensures a multi-sectoral approach and utilizes every possible source.

CTV advertising, online ad posting, premium social media ads, email marketing, and whatnot are all services of a digital marketing agency.

Gone were the days when brand builders would wait months to boost their sales after an advertisement campaign. Nowadays, through realities metrics calculation, brands can find the pitching spots to launch their campaign and gain a groundbreaking victory each time.

Digital Advertising is a Necessity

Are you a business owner or considering having your startup soon? Well, you’ll face a hefty amount of competitors. To stand out from the crowd and make your brand a people’s choice, you need the services of an expert digital marketing agency.

  • Make your brand name and log a trustworthy symbol for consumers.
  • Refines your brand’s manifesto and organize the whole campaign around it.
  • Help you build community through various media outlets such as social media platforms, CTV devicesOTT, etc.
  • Gives your brand and businesses a unique identity and recognition in a particular market.
  • Digital advertising generously helps you grow and expand your business while tackling different digital media hubs.
  • Working with digital advertising is a win-win deal for you. It identifies and overcomes barriers that are hindering your business growth.
Digital Marketing with Keynes

Keynes Digital is your full-service audience and performance-focused programmatic advertising partner. We deliver trackable results for brands and agencies across connected TV and digital platforms.

We host a diverse clientele through our programmatic advertising campaigns and performance-driven strategical management.

  • We send weekly reports on post-campaign analytics from various media outlets and connected TV.
  • Our firm’s top-notch optimization and custom-tailored advertising campaigns are winning great views for renowned brands.
  • We’re offering an AI-based audience analysis to help you design your future advertising perspectives and hit all the potential spots.

Hence, experts at Keynes serve you at their best anytime and anywhere. We are a top agency of the most trusted CTV and programmatic partners.

TV Advertising

Today’s tech era has brought forth numerous portals or platforms for brands and businesses to reach where it was impossible otherwise.

From news to entertainment, everything has become global because of the universal outreach possessed by digital media. Posting something on TV today doesn’t mean it would revolve around a fixed number of residents. Today, there are no boundaries to outreach.

Hence, it’s rightly quoted as “visibility brings credibility.” As your brand’s identity spreads through people’s screens and live streaming services, it becomes easier to build a credible household name.

Moreover, people follow idols from the entertainment industry. A brand endorsement during their favorite shows or films would be a powerful marketing investment.

Benefits of TV Advertising

The power of TV advertising has made global brands what they’re today. Some have become household names and have been trusted by consumers for years.

  • The chances of successful interaction with the target audience are higher, as most people spend time watching TV daily.
  • TVs are everywhere today. 96% of US homes have at least one TV–conventional or a CTV.
  • TV is an intermediary source for you to leap into online advertising outlets.
  • Advertisers, brand owners, and TV programmers collaborate to pursue consistent consumer engagement. Hence, it builds a trustworthy interaction between the brand and the potential consumers.
  • The freedom to experiment with various video ad formats builds audience interest. Every top marketing agency is trying to put forth the most creative branding strategies and its products.

TV Advertisement Examples

Some tried and tested TV advertising examples are:

  • Nike: Do It
  • Apple: Fumble
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Adidas Originals: End Plastic Waste
  • Cheetos: It wasn’t me!
  • Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

TV Agencies

TV agencies play the role of marketing partners for businesses and brands.

  • Creating and Designing Ad Campaigns: Creation and designing an ad campaign requires full-stack expertise in visual arts management and written content to be displayed. It’s planned and implemented after a mutual discussion between the clients and the TV advertising agencies.
  • Strategic Planning: Strategic planning is classified as marketing goals and perspectives, advertising strategies, consumers’ demands, and current market trends. A TV ad agency stands together with the client for optimal strategic planning.
  • Determining the Right Platform: After significant research of current marketing trends and customers’ interests, the top agencies help brands locate the right platform for a successful ad campaign.
  • Clients Interaction: Serving the clients’ goals and future perspectives comes first for any TV ad agency. They work closely to succeed in performance-driven commercial campaigns and other objectives.
  • Analytics Calculation and Re-evaluation 

Most TV advertising agencies cover real-time metrics analysis and give regular reports to their clients.

  • Internet and social media
  • Higher engagement and faster conversion of consumers
  • Global and massive outreach
  • Measurable stats and effectiveness
  • Interrupted as skippable ads
  • Open to other marketing forms (email marketing, Social media ad posting, Google ads, Pop-up ads, etc.)

Traditional Advertising vs Digital Advertising

Traditional Advertising in a Nutshell
  • Print and TV media
  • Lower conversion and engagement success
  • Limited and local outreach
  • Stats are unmeasurable
  • Uninterrupted
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing wins the following benefits for your brand:

  • Internet and social media
  • Higher engagement and faster conversion of consumers
  • Global and massive outreach
  • Measurable stats and effectiveness
  • Interrupted as skippable ads
  • Open to other marketing forms (email marketing, Social media ad posting, Google ads, Pop-up ads, etc.)

Self-Service Vs. Full-Service

Full-Service Advertising
  • Outsource advertising campaigns
  • The agency caters to the entire advertising and marketing plans for the brand
  • Cost-effective and time-saving
Self-Service Advertising
  • Purchase and hire advertising inventory based on goals
  • Brand specifies and dictates the goals and motive of an ad campaign
  • Programmatic advertising is also available on some platforms

Advertising News

The era of TV advertising has given rise to advanced trends in marketing your services to the right audience. With constant evolution, some of the dynamic impacts TV advertising companies are leaving on the globe are:

  • Increased willingness to buy a product after seeing a message-driven TV ad.
  • It increases the demand for a product, and brands strive to improve it to keep a consistent standard.
  • TV ads positively impact the customer-brand relationship and bring higher chances of conversion.
  • TV ads are unskippable, and users are likelier to watch until the end without shuffling the channel. But if you’ve thrown a hooking vibe in the ad!
  • TV ads are consumed globally and gain a massive viewership.
  • Top brands and agencies prefer this platform, as more than 80% of households are likely to watch TV daily.
  • Some experts still believe that TV ads are more credible to consumers than other media.
CTV Advertising – Driving the Adtech Industry 

It’s a common fact that CTV advertising drives the Adtech industry into an inclusive ecosystem. It has become an independent space for brands to seek audiences based on their marketing goals.

With the advantage of web browsing, CTV advertising has made everything global. Brands can take their local viewership magnificently to wherever they want with the right marketing tactics!


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