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Performance TV Prospecting

Performance TV prospecting covers most of the top users that want to find a specific product. Performance TV prospecting has a lot of importance especially when it is used to read direct response performance. The following steps should be taken after you launch the ad.

Effective Performance TV Prospecting

Performance TV advertising is the method of delivering ads to the targeted audience. Furthermore, it also keeps track of the results of those campaigns. Hence, it’s a powerful performance channel.

How Does Performance TV Advertising Work?

Select Your Goal

To start out a performance TV prospecting campaign, you should be clear about what you want to achieve from your video asset. This goal is separate from your video campaign’s success. Your performance TV video campaign may require optimizations according to your goal. These various optimizations will lead you to your desired goal. Top performance TV campaign goals include:

  • ROAS for attracting traffic that will buy your product or avail your service.
  • CPA for traffic and conversions at a higher rate.
  • CPV for greater traffic for the least amount on your site.

Performance TV makes your goal possible because of the following two reasons:

  1. It’s automated media purchasing technology.
  2. It’s automated optimizations with a human touch.
Target Your Audience Wisely

Selecting your audience is one of the most important parts that determine the success of your performance TV prospecting ad campaign. You should have sound knowledge about how to target your audience.

To reach the maximum effort marketing, make sure to be as efficient as possible in targeting your audience to strive for the most conversions. You can find the audience of your choice with a higher TV reach and frequency. You can target your viewers based on their:

  • Geographic location
  • Purchase history
  • Interests
  • Demographics and many more
Strong Direct Response

There are two things that you must consider in your video assets for a prosperous performance TV prospecting commercial:

  1. A Call-To-Action (CTA) to let your viewers know what they need to do.
  2. A persistent URL to that your site to let your viewers know where to go to find you.

These will also increase your TV advertising effectiveness which will finally lead to a successful ad campaign.

Benefits of Performance TV Prospecting
  • You attain your desired audience at your site.
  • You gain high-intent viewers that are more likely to buy your product or avail of your service.
  • You get your first-party target pool which can be used to tell you more about your audience.

What are TV Performance Metrics?

TV performance metrics give an idea to the advertiser about the progress and success of the ad campaign. TV advertising metrics depend on many things, especially a performance TV prospecting ad spot or, in general, the reach of television or TV advertising effectiveness.

Linear TV Metrics

Linear TV metrics tell you more about the advancement of ad campaigns on traditional TVs. Many advertisers are now declining linear TV ad campaigns because of the following reasons:

  • Decreased use of traditional TV which results in reduced ad viewers. 13% of the US population removed linear TVs from their homes.
  • Linear TV ad campaigns are not based on targeted viewers.
  • Advertisers are not able to measure the success or advancement of their ad campaigns.
CTV Metrics

With the advancement of time, there is increased use of the Internet and connected TV devices. There are many new features provided by connected TV advertisements so you should know about CTV metrics. The following are the two most important advantages of connected TV advertising:

  • It selects the audience which will increase the probability of your product being sold.
  • It scales the progress of your ad campaign.

CTV Market

As the use of the Internet is increasing with time, the CTV market is also rising day by day. Performance CTV is growing with a higher-than-expected figure. It is forecasted that CTV is one of the fastest-rising digital ad channels.

Much of the population is streaming content on connected TV devices. More than 85% of US households have at least 1 subscription. Maximum marketing efforts and advanced technology result in the success of connected TVs.

The Internet Era

Connected TV devices can have access to the Internet as compared to traditional TVs. As everyone is preferring devices that can be connected to the internet, connected TV device use is rising with time.

Advertisers Also Prefer Connected TV

Advertisers are diverting from cable advertising to connected TV advertising due to many reasons. Some of those reasons are given below:

What is CTV

A connected TV is a device that had access to the Internet and can stream videos from various apps. Previously, all the TVs that connected to the Internet were regarded as connected TV devices. But with the advancement in technology, a wide range of devices like mobiles or gaming consoles can display connected TV advertising.

What is CTV Marketing

CTV marketing is growing very rapidly among advertisers because of its benefits. Ads are displayed on the big screen without paying a high amount of money. CTV marketing achieves these goals by targeting the selected viewers and measuring the progress of the ad campaign.

Examples of a Connected TV Agency

As connected TV advertising is becoming a popular topic, you should know about some of the connected TV agencies.

  • Keynes Digital
  • MNTN
  • TV Scientific

Do You Know About CTV Advertising?

Connected TV advertising is an online form of advertising products or services that shaped performance TV advertisingCTV advertising is targeted to specific viewers and channels. Connected TV advertisements are much more specific than ordinary ads displayed on banners. One of the main advantages of CTV advertising is that it helps you to reach this specific audience. This specific audience cannot be reached by traditional TV ads.

How Does Connected TV Advertising Work?

The main purpose of a video campaign by the advertiser is to attract customers to buy the product or avail of the service. Connected TV advertising platforms have made this purpose of the advertiser very easy.

Connected TV advertising attracts customers by using the following methods:

  • Targeting viewers according to their past purchase history, location, interests, and many more. It selects the audience according to the information provided by the advertiser.
  • Advertisers can see the progress and success rates of their ad campaigns. Traditional TV advertising did not provide this facility to the advertiser due to which advertisers are shifting toward connected TV advertising platforms.

Connected TV Advertising Examples

A successful ad campaign also depends on many factors other than TV reach or TV commercial ratings. Your ad campaign should not only reach the selected audience but also should be short, attractive, and to the point. Some of the connected TV advertising examples from Keynes Digital are as follows:

Gearing Up: Special Offer by Fanatics

It is the highest rating ad on Keynes Digital with a rating of 9.7. This is because the ad is concise with a length of 14s. The video quality is high and looks like it was made professionally.

TV commercial review found HERE.

Elevate by Tommy John

It has a rating of 8.5 on Keynes Digital. This ad is made very professionally and has very good quality content. The first few seconds of the ad are very attractive. It has a longer duration of 27s which resulted in its lower rating.

TV commercial review found HERE.

Connected TV Advertising Best Practices

Performance TV prospecting comes with implementing connected TV advertising best practices. By knowing about connected TV best practices, your video campaign will have a greater success rate when striving for performance TV prospecting. Some of the techniques you can adopt to have connected TV best practices are as follows.:

  • If your ad has the right format, then the chance of customers visiting your site will be higher.
  • Your ad should be short (15-seconds or 30-seconds)
  • Attracting and eye-catching visuals with bright colors.
  • Make your ad creative.

Be open about what you choose to convey through your ad and the beneficial effects of your product on the viewer’s life. Lastly, check the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Connected TV Advertising Trends

Connected TV advertising is becoming one of the greatest platforms for advertisers. The rise in the use of the Internet has increased the connected TV advertising trends tremendously. Many American houses cut the chords in 2020. A rise in video streaming on connected TV devices was also reported in 2020.

Performance TV prospecting through connected TV is showing advertisers the benefits of using this needle-moving channel.

Connected TV Advertising Growth

Advertisers now choose to have their ad campaigns streamed on connected TV devices. This is due to connected TV advertising growth and many other benefits of connected TV advertisement as well. In 2020, the growth of CTV advertisement investment was about 40.6%.

Connected TV advertising statistics have changed over time and surpassed the expected figures. Previously, 208.1 million Americans were expected to use connected TV devices monthly but now it will reach 213.7 million in 2021.

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