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As the name refers to, Connected TV or CTV is any television set that uses an Internet connection to stream content online. This is often in video formats, such as games, movies or shows. Such video content, which is obtained via an online Connected TV, is called CTV video.

If you think that streaming is the only way to utilize CTV videos, there’s a whole other advertising ecosystem that also comes with it.

So what is CTV advertising?

CTV/OTT advertising is an excellent way of targeting relevant content channels and audiences through captivating, non-skippable advertising. It is efficient in helping advertisers to determine their niche audience and measure their campaign analytics. Once a brand has successfully booted its equity and engagement, it can generate high revenue.

Shift from traditional TV to CTV Platforms

In earlier days, people were stuck with traditional ways of accessing content limited to a cable provider or satellite. It wasn’t until the late 2000s that people shifted their focus toward CTV platforms to obtain greater versatility at reduced costs.

This was the time when the cord was finally cut.

These CTV platforms, such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV etc., not only provide online streaming but have also integrated Connected TV advertising within them.

A brand has many different approaches to making a CTV advertising strategy successful. At Keynes Digital, for instance, we prefer an audience-first content strategy. To figure out the best advertising recipe, our ad campaign for any brand is based on the audience, including their general preferences, interests, demographics, and even locations.

As the CTV videos are streamed by viewers on-demand and reflect a particular niche of preference, it is possible to target a specific audience. This way, the advertisers can run ads that are specifically relevant to that group of audience.

What is the CTV App?

CTV Apps are the extension of your smart TVs and can easily be accessed by any Android or IOS device. Let’s have a look at the various benefits of using different CTV apps.

  1. Roku: The CTV app Roku allows your television to be connected to your mobile phone. You can easily control your streaming on TV using the Roku app. It allows you to quickly and easily search using your phone’s keyboard and end voice controls. It also has a private listening mode where you get the display on your TV screen and the audio from your phone’s headset.
  2. CTV App for Firestick: You can download a great variety of apps that are easily compatible with the Firestick platform. Kodi, Typhon TV, CatMouse APK etc., are some of the most popular streaming video content.
  3. CTV Apps for Chromecast: Like the CTV app on Firestick, you can also download several apps for Chromecast – both free or paid. Some of these include Plex, Hulu, NowTv, Vivo, Tidal etc.

Similarly, there are CTV Go apps, CTV app for Android or Samsung, and so many more that can help enhance your streaming experience. As a marketer, you can also market your product on CTV platforms. Let’s see how.

Direct Buying Vs Programmatic Buying

Branding comes in many ways. If you want to advertise your brand on a CTV app platform, you can try both the programmatic and direct-buying approaches. Here’s how both work.

Direct buying is a relatively older way of advertising where people have to negotiate for ad approvals, the timing of publication, campaign duration, and so forth. Both the collection of campaign data and the optimization-related decisions are made manually. The advertiser pays to platforms where the ad appears instead of a real-time metric approach.

In programmatic advertising, ads are bought and sold in an automated manner. With real-time, AI-generated data, ads are targeted more profoundly using the collected data. Advertisers only bid on the targeted audience, and the pricing is based on real-time metrics. At Keynes Digital, we use the full-time programmatic approach for CTV advertising.

CTV Streaming

With CTV Streaming, marketers can take advantage of both digital video advertising as well as traditional advertising. While the basic concept behind the two remains similar, digitized CTV streaming brings together precise targeting and monitoring features of video marketing.

The rise of CTV Streaming began when people inclined more toward OTT platforms and smart TVs. This gives marketers a new way to advertise their brands. In fact, the Connected TV advertising market was $13.4 billion in 2021, and by 2027, it is expected to cross $27 billion.

All of this is accounted for by the increased streaming surfaces that tempted the audience to cut the cord. As more people started to let go of their traditional cable-based television sets, these streaming surfaces began to get the limelight. These CTV streaming providers come in many forms:

  • Let’s take the example of CTV news live streaming. Gone are the days when people had access to news channels that were limited to cable providers’ terms. This feature allowed people to have unlimited access to channels all over the world – all through a good internet connection.
  • Another great example is CTV streaming apps, including the CTV Roku app and CTV Go app. These apps have been an excellent way to ensure that the streaming surface is much more elaborate. As more people have access to CTV content, marketers can enjoy more benefits and get their brands recognized by a larger public.

CTV Streaming Platform Prices

As we mentioned earlier, Connected TV providers such as the CTV Go app, Roku app, Amazon Fire TV app, CTV News Live Streaming apps etc., have given users a comprehensive library to choose their content from.

If we talk about Roku, for example, they don’t have any subscription fee. In fact, you can stream a great deal of content for absolutely free (unless you subscribe to paid channels such as Netflix). You will only have to worry about paying the data usage amount to your Internet provider.

This is great for users as they have so many content options at such cheap pricing. At the same time, this is also helping the marketers as this content comes with advertisements. While the audience enjoys the free content, the advertisers get the platform to give credibility to their brand.

Another benefit that mutually helps the audience and marketers is that CTV video streaming has more engagement. Due to enhanced convenience and on-demand streaming, the audience is more engaged. This also means that an advertiser will have a higher chance of getting the ads seen and eliciting more responses. Thus providing a collective benefit.

All of this has played a role in making Connected TV so popular in the modern world. It is mutually benefiting both the audience as well as the marketers at the same time.

CTV Shows – Streaming Style

A considerable part of the audience is fond of CTV shows. It is one of the most popular streaming styles. Masterchef, for instance, is an example of CTV shows online. Other such global tv shows include The Gray’s Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, A Place To Call Home, Modern Love, and so on.

The audience usually uses CTV and OTT platforms to stream these shows. A significant advantage of streaming these shows through the internet is that people all over the globe have access to watch them.

Unlike the times when people had to rely on their cable providers and watch their favorite show only at a specific time. Not to mention, you could stream particular shows only in distinct regions of the world.

But now, with CTV shows and CTV movies, we can stream content whenever we like. We can pause the videos and resume watching them from exactly where we left off. This has given us the convenience to enjoy more content and consume it on demand.

This has led to the growth of CTV shows. It has increased the users’ inclination toward this modern way of streaming their favorite recent TV shows. Begone the days when our linear television sets provided only limited entertainment options!

New to CTV? Try Connected TV Platforms Help

You need to hire a service with the expertise in running suitable ads on any Connected TV platform. At Keynes, we provide full assistance with hundreds of online and offline database collections to make real-time decisions for your audience.

  • Content: We plan and produce the perfect CTV video for your advertising campaign.
  • Audience: Determine the campaign parameters to target a specific group of audience.
  • Budget: Set up a programmatic budgeting approach for your campaign.
  • Launch: Upload the content on the Connected TV platform for ad delivery.
  • Monitor: Optimize the content by keeping track of how the campaign performs.

All the CTV platforms need programmatic advertising. The main goal is to show a relevant video ad to a targeted audience. Viewers aren’t necessarily against advertisements – they just want ads pertinent to their day-to-day lives.

That’s why the message in advertising has to be specific and somewhat personal to the viewer. The concept of CTV and OTT platforms is to let the viewers watch what they want, where they want when they want.

The same concept should be used in advertising. By advertising for the particular brand that a group audience is interested in, you can expect quick engagements and conversions in your marketing.

At Keynes, we curate your marketing so that the ads always run on the screens of interested buyers. Contact us to find it out yourself!

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