Performance TV Retargeting

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Performance TV Retargeting

Performance TV retargeting means that you show your ads to the audience you have selected. Performance TV retargeting campaigns are a very important part of the direct response performance method and are influenced by TV reach and frequency. If you want to gain maximum effort marketing for your video campaign, then performance TV retargeting campaigns are vital for you.

Comparison Between Display and CTV Retargeting

Adding connected TV retargeting to the lower funnel strategy while you run a display retargeting will show very good results. Performance TV uses cross-device technologies to help deliver similar ads via mobile, desktops, or tablets. So, performance TV does not just serve retargeted ads on the connected TV and increases TV advertising effectiveness. The results show that the performance TV strategy has better effects.

  • Traffic increased on the site with a rise of 123%.
  • The average conversions increased by 35%.
  • The average expense per acquisition decreased by 54%.
  • The average number of impressions served per conversion was reduced by 30%.

Performance TV Retargeting based on their Actions

Performance TV retargeting finds your profitable customers based on the actions they took after visiting your site. This purpose is achieved by using the first-party site data. It notices whether the customer had intentions to convert or searched for products with high prices.

Performance TV helps you to group your customers depending on their different behaviors. You can group your customers on the following basis, for example:

  • How many times they have visited your site?
  • What pages they have visited in the past few days or weeks?
  • Do they have viewed products with high price tags?
  • What items have they added to the cart?

Performance TV Advertising

Most of the population watches TV ads but no specific way of selecting the viewers is possible. TV advertising measurements have brought a revolution among advertisers, resulting in performance TV advertising being very easy for advertisers in the following two ways.:

  • Performance TV advertising has enabled advertisers to select and target their viewers based on their interests, location, and many more.
  • Advertisers can also measure the progress of their ad campaigns.
What is Performance TV

Performance TV displays ads to specific viewers and facilitates the advertiser to scale the ad campaign. Reporting metrics are revealed when using performance TV advertising that helps advertisers optimize their campaigns to better catch the attention of their customers.

Performance TV increases the likelihood of your product being bought in the following ways:

  • It retargets your specific audience according to the information you provided. This results in higher chances of the customer purchasing.
  • It helps you to explore.
  • It helps you to measure the success and growth of your ad campaign.
Growth of Connected TV Analytics

Connected TV is growing tremendously among the population due to many reasons. The use of the Internet has increased with time, especially among the younger population, which resulted in the tremendous growth of connected TV devices.

It was estimated that in 2020 the connected TV advertising investments raised to 40.6%. This is because now advertisers prefer that their ad campaigns be displayed on connected TV devices.

Marketers want their ads to be displayed on connected TV advertising because of the growing number of houses that have installed connected TV devices. The use of connected TV devices in US households reached 213.7 million per month in 2021.

What does this mean for advertisers?
  1. Advertisers can now benefit from multi-screens because viewers use OTT devices like smart TVs.
  2. Advertisers can select their viewers according to their purchasing interests and geographic location.

TV Commercial Ratings

The success of your performance TV retargeting campaign also depends on how precise, attractive, and short your TV commercial is. If your TV commercial is not able to catch the attention of the viewer, then it doesn’t depend on how many people watch it. Secondly, your ad should be of good quality such that it looks like it was made professionally.

Keynes reviews TV commercials and rates them based on a branding scale or direct response scale. Some connected TV examples taken from our TV commercial reviews page are explained as follows:

Gearing Up: Special Offer by Fanatics

It has one of the highest ratings of 9.7 – watch the review HERE. This is because of the following reasons:

  • It is 14 seconds in duration which is ideal.
  • The ad engages the viewer with itself in the first few seconds.
  • It has high-quality graphics.
  • Looks like it was made professionally.
Margaret, Vincent, and Nicole by Curology

It has a rating of 7.6 on Keynes’ TV rating scale. This ad is about skincare – watch the review HERE. This ad has lower ratings because of the following reasons:

  • It has a long duration of 28 seconds but still, it is within the range of the ideal duration.
  • It catches the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds.
  • The ad has very good quality.
  • It has good content and is colorful.
The Last Interval: Prequel by Tracksmith

It is ranked one of the lowest on Keynes with a rating of only 2.0 – watch the review HERE. The following are the reasons for the lower rating of this ad:

  • It is longer in duration i.e., 28s but it is within the limits of the ideal duration range.
  • It isn’t attractive at all.
  • It fails to capture the viewer’s attention at the beginning of the ad.
  • It doesn’t look like it is made professionally.

What are Connected TV Benchmarks

Focus on connected TV benchmarks for successful ad campaigns. The more the advertiser follows these connected benchmarks, the more successful the ad campaign will be.

  • Achieving the attention of your viewer.
  • Measuring and scaling your ad campaign.
  • Targeting the selected group of audience.
  • Delivering ads to your audience in their living room.
  • It has good content and is colorful.

Connected TV Advertising

TV advertising has changed a lot with time. Connected TV advertising is a new form of advertising that enables you to target a specific audience. Connected TV advertising initiated a new form of advertising with modern technologies. TV advertisement measurements have proved that ad campaigns on connected TV are more successful.

Connected TV advertising also depends on the reach of television. According to Leichtman Research Group, the percentage of US households having connected TV are as follows:

  • 82% in 2021.
  • 80% in 2020.
  • 74% in 2019.
How Connected TV Advertising Works

Connected TV advertising attains the attention of advertisers mainly for two reasons:

  • Performance TV retargetingConnected TV advertising allows advertisers to choose their audience. The ad is displayed to specific viewers who fit into the information provided by the advertiser. This increases the chances of the viewer visiting the site and purchasing the product. Customers are targeted based on their past purchase history, interests, the items they put in the cart, and many more.
  • Measuring your ad campaign: Traditional TV advertising had the major drawback that it didn’t provide the advertiser with any information. Connected TV advertising for the first time enables the advertiser to scale the success and progress of the ad campaign.

Connected TV Agency

Some of the connected TV agencies that also offer performance TV prospecting and performance TV retargeting tactics are as follows:

  • Keynes Digital
  • MNTN
  • TV Scientific

TV Performance Metrics

TV performance metrics give an idea about the growth of the ad campaign to the advertiser.

Previously, advertisers couldn’t check the progress of their ads. But now advertisers demand transparency so that they can measure the success of their ads. TV commercials typically have a direction of scope. Connected TV ad examples follow:

  • Direct Response: Direct response is a type of television-based advertising that encourages viewers/consumers to take immediate action.
  • Branding: Branding is a form of advertising which helps establish connections and build powerful, long-term relationships with consumers over time.

Linear TV Metrics

Linear TV metrics are used by advertisers which run their ads on traditional TVs. With the advancement of technology, marketers now prefer connected TV advertising. The shift in advertisements from linear TVs to connected TVs is due to many reasons.

According to statistics, a 200% increase was seen in the time spent on Advertising-based Video on Demand (AVOD) apps like YouTube, daily motion, and many more. While on the other hand, the time spent on traditional TVs decreased by 13%.

Connected TV advertising provides the latest technology that enables you to target your audience and measure the ad campaign.

TV Advertising Metrics

TV advertising metrics are determined by many factors to measure an ads TV advertising effectiveness. Americans spent an estimated amount of about 8.11 billion dollars on connected TV advertising in 2020.

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