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Programmatic TV is evolving beyond its linear TV roots and becoming a data-driven channel. As targeting capabilities grow more polished across all digital channels, traditional linear TV has remained flat since 1978.

Traditional linear TV relies on basic demographic categories to inform ad buying. Now it is possible to stream your favorite content on your TV via the Internet.

OTT vs CTV: The Difference

OTT vs CTV are similar in most ways and are used to support each other. Therefore, advertisers use OTT vs CTV interchangeably. CTV acts as a connecting bridge between digital viewers and OTT digital content. In simple words, OTT content is provided to digital viewers by CTV.

OTT content covers the entire spectrum of Connected TV devices or may be used as OTT devicesCTV devices consist of smart TVs, gaming consoles, tablets, mobiles, and desktops.

Connected TV Platforms

CTV advertising examples consist of all the advertisements delivered to the targeted audience through Connected TV platforms like Sling TV, Xbox, or Apple TV.

What is Advanced TV?

Advanced TVs is an umbrella term that refers to the different ways to reach a viewer. As data continues to evolve to be the operator of a new standard of TV advertising, three significant points of advanced TV targeting should be mentioned.

  • Audience-based targeting: Collects data sets based on an advertiser’s audience attributes to reach them.
  • Addressable TV: One-to-one household targeting.
  • Streaming Services: This is OTT content like Hulu or Peacock, delivered through an internet-connected device.

Advanced TV has paved the way for advertisers to reach their target audience and deliver their message more effectively than traditional TVs. Advanced TVs consist of connected TV, addressable TV, TV Everywhere, video-on-demand (VOD), and programmatic TV.

What is OTT? What is OTT TV?

OTT is known as Over-The-TopOver-the-top media refers to premium TV digital content that is consumed by the viewer through Internet-connected devices and not through traditional cable TVs.

Examples of OTT TV Platforms
  • Hulu
  • Peacock
  • Paramount
  • ESPN+
  • FOX
  • NBC Universal
  • Amazon
  • Bravo
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV

What is CTV?

What is connected TV? What are CTV advertising platforms?

Connected TV (CTV) indicates all the devices (TV, desktop, tablet, mobile) that have an inherent quality to connect to the Internet and provide access to their desired OTT content. See what we meant about OTT vs CTV working hand in hand?

Examples of CTV Platforms

There are many connected TV examples:


People use these words interchangeably. But as an advertiser, you should know the differences between both. Much of the industry believes OLV to be OTT. This is incorrect. OLV is strictly video content with online streaming. OTT is premium content on CTV.

However, both OTT vs OLV are great options for advertisers to reach their selected audience. Combining OTT and CTV with OLV advertisements will give you a very successful ad campaign.

What is OTT advertising? What is CTV advertising?

OTT and CTV advertising is a non-skippable, 15 to 30-second ad campaign delivered via premium digital TV platforms streamed on Internet-connected devices.

What is OLV advertising?

Online Video (OLV) is any form of video content streamed over the internet. This includes in-stream, out-stream, interactive, in-game, and webpage-based videos on any device, like mobile, laptops, tablets, or smart TVs. These OLV ads are skippable, user-generated, and short clip ads.

What is Linear TV?

Linear TV vs CTV is the traditional way of delivering the TV program when it is scheduled on its channel via satellite or cable services. Linear TV is sometimes also known as traditional TV because of its old method of broadcasting programs and shows.

Viewers can watch their desired programs or shows in the specific time interval it is broadcasted on their specific channel.

Linear TV Examples
  • Cables
  • Satellite
  • Over-the-air broadcasts
What is Non Linear TV?

Non linear TV is a blanket term used for all those TVs that releases you from the limitations of the specific time and channel. Non linear TV is everything we’ve talked about up to this point.

Non linear TVs have made it very easy for their viewers because viewing power is in the viewers’ hands.

Connected TV Vs Linear TV

We’ve answered, what is Connected TV advertising? Connected TV advertising is what we now consider a data-driven programmatic channel. It also isn’t bound to any specific time or channel, instead, it provides you ease so that you can watch your shows anytime you want.

Media Buying: Difference Between OTT vs CTV vs Linear TV

Advertisers are interested more in the new technologies of OTT vs CTV. If you want a successful ad campaign, let’s explore the difference between OTT vs CTV vs linear TV advertisement.

Linear TV advertising is based on the traditional model. It depends on the time a show is broadcasted and the viewer ratings of the show. This results in limitations for advertisers.

How to Buy OTT Advertising?

If you want to buy OTT advertising, the best way is to follow an OTT marketing strategy for maximum profit on your ad campaigns.

  • Decide what type of audience you want to target through your ad campaign.
  • Determine where to purchase your OTT ad space.
  • When buying OTT, you can buy it directly or obey the programmatic wave.
  • Make maximum efforts in designing your ads and make them precise, impactful, and easy to remember – See Keynes’ Connected TV Best Practices for help.
  • Launch your TV campaign with your partner or platform.
  • Learn the data and performance abilities.
What is CTV Channel?

The CTV channel ensures fast audience growth, measurable campaigns, and cumulative cross-channel impressions. Examples of CTV include smart TVsApple TV, etc.

How Does CTV Advertising Work? OTT vs CTV advertising work with new technology through which advertisers can target the audience of their choice. This highly increases the ad campaign success rate. It also enables you to measure the efficacy and success of your ad.

Benefits of OTT Advertising

The benefits of OTT advertising examples include but are not limited to:

  • OTT advertising helps you to reach your selected audience.
  • It has a very high capability to target your potential and precious customers.
  • You can measure the statistics of your ad campaign with digital and traditional metrics.
  • CTV advertising companies can help you to grow your viewers.
  • Brand safety is the main OTT advertising strategy. Ads take the audience to reliable sites.
  • You can get maximum benefits by choosing the best CTV platform and connected TV provider like Keynes Digital.

How to Buy Linear TV Advertising?

Linear TV buying is typically a direct buy with TV networks, expensive, and limiting based on targeting capabilities.

Benefits of Linear TV Advertising

What is linear TV advertising? A primary benefit of linear TV advertising is that it is a branding tactic for advertisers looking to reach ALL people nationwide.

  • Linear TV is mostly watched by the older generation.
  • Advertisers can select their audience according to the time and channel they choose for their advertisement. But this is not as specific as CTV advertising which can lead to difficulty for advertisers.

Metrics: CTV Advertising Growth

Due to the modern techniques of advertising introduced by connected TV, sellers now prefer connected TV advertising resulting in high CTV advertising growth. A study shows that there was a 32% rise in ad spending on connected TV throughout the world from 2021-22.

Another reason advertisers prefer CTV is its growing reach to 92% of US households with the decline in linear TVs. According to a survey conducted in the US, 92% of the audience was reachable through CTV advertising.

Your Potential: Connected TV Advertising

The success rate of your advertisement depends highly upon the CTV channels you choose. Keynes, a Connected TV advertising platform, a team of experts can help your company grow strong and incrementally.

  1. We buy programmatically to reach your right audience.
  2. Audience targeting is not a one-size-fits-all approach. When buying advertising programmatically, marketers must know how their campaigns’ audiences are built. Keynes will tell you.
  3. We use true cross-device technology that comes directly from the industry-accepted gold standard cross-device companies, LiveRampOracleTapAd, and Adbrain, which all have a 95%+ data accuracy rate.
  4. Having 24/7 access to a transparent reporting dashboard should be a requirement. We don’t hesitate to give you the data you need in a digestible format to help you make informed decisions in your marketing plans.

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