Shopify Pixel Guide

Refer to the video below to help with installing your Shopify Tracking and Conversion Pixels:


Tracking Pixels

Step 1 – Login as Admin.
Step 2Under “Sales Channels” on the top right, select “Online Store” > “Themes”.

Step 3 – In “Live theme”, select “Actions” > “Edit code”

Step 4 Under “Layout”, select “theme.xxxxx””.

Step 5 Insert Keynes Digital Universal Tracking Code (Tracking Tags) to the header of the theme. This allows the tags to appear on all pages.
Step 6 Save theme.

Conversion Pixels

Step 1 – Login as Admin.
Step 2 – On the bottom left corner, select “Settings”.

Step 3 “Select “Checkout”.

Step 4 Scroll to the bottom of “Checkout” page, select “Additional scripts”.

Step 5 – Copy and paste Keynes Digital’s Conversion Pixels into this section.
Step 6 – Save page.

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