Athleisure Brand Beats Noisy Market with Programmatic

Athleisure Brand Beats Noisy Market with Programmatic

Athleisure Brand Beats Noisy Market with Programmatic 1920 1080 Keynes Digital

30% Increase in Site Purchases


An online-only, direct-to-consumer premium apparel brand approached Keynes to expand its share of voice in the ever-growing athleisure market. Athleisure is a noisy market, which has historically seen most marketing efforts focused on Social Media advertising: influencers, discounts & short videos. This brand asked Keynes to find a way of identifying and reaching high-value users and doing so in a way that helped them stand out from the crowd. With well-produced visuals and A-list brand ambassadors, Keynes was tasked with increasing brand awareness and driving a positive ROI as they grew.



Overall Month-Over-Month Conversions


Site Revenue after 1 Month of Retargeting


Site Revenue after 1 Month of Connected TV


Engagement Rate, Conquesting In-Store Shoppers


Initiated our Partnership via Display Retargeting

Typical for many growing companies, their Social and Search drive thousands of potential customers to their site daily. However, this brand had a high percentage of users not completing a purchase. Launching Display Retargeting was necessary to help identify their high priority, engaged site visitors, and drive low-funnel ROI. We placed tracking and conversion pixels on their website and used this first-party data to build out various segments based on where users visited. This allowed us to identify and prioritize users who visited their top products. Depending on the user behavior and level of engagement, each segment had specific optimization settings and spend thresholds to ensure a well-balanced mix of driving overall ROAS and incremental revenue for site visitors.

Launched Upper-Funnel Tactics to Drive Incremental Visitors and Revenue

After establishing a solid foundational targeting strategy via Display Retargeting, we initiated targeting new users with Display Prospecting and Connected TV. Using our collected first-party data, we curated hyper-targeted audiences based on users we believed to have the highest propensity to convert for their brand. We combined behavioral, demographic, and location data to customize our prospecting tactics to focus on fitness enthusiasts with a slightly higher income in key US cities. Our upper and lower funnel efforts found no conflicts over attribution or wasted spend.

Created a Customized Target Approach During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With gyms closing across the country and people working from home due to the global pandemic, we found it crucial to target users who had a high likelihood of previously purchasing athletic wear in-store and engaging in outdoor fitness. We organized a list of premium athletic brand stores to build various geo-farming audiences, targeting users who had been to these at least 2x in the previous six months. We additionally layered on key behavioral data based on online data to create even more bespoke segments–“Outdoor Fitness Enthusiasts” who have visited these stores at least 2x in the previous six months.


Due to Keynes’ strategy, expertise and implementation, this client outperformed their benchmark goals. After 1 full month of being live, Keynes was able to deliver 3.4x their expected return on ad spend (ROAS) targets.

When Connected TV advertising and Display Prospecting pushed live, we saw an 8% lift in lower funnel conversions, while the company’s revenues increased by 30% month over month. These successes support their use of Connected TV for their current Branding efforts.

Lastly, we found that our custom behavioral/location audiences focused on users who had visited athletic wear stores before the pandemic engaged 2.9x higher compared with our overall campaign average and 3.6x higher than the industry average. Utilizing multiple audience tactics, channels, and out-of-the-box thinking is a must to drive higher ROI for this brand.

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