Connected TV Drives Huge Jump in New-To-File Customers

Connected TV Drives Huge Jump in New-To-File Customers

Connected TV Drives Huge Jump in New-To-File Customers 2560 1280 Keynes Digital

Connected TV sees 41% Increase in Control Group Test


A high-end health supplement brand approached Keynes Digital looking for a performance-based channel to drive a strong Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS) for their brand relaunch.

This brand has a veteran marketing team with experience in multiple startups to large agencies, so they’re very savvy on their target market and the audiences they wanted to test against.

With a thriving subscription business and single product purchase online, Keynes was not only tasked with delivering a strong ROAS, but also bringing new-to-file customers to their site. As Connected TV advertising presents a brand with high quality TV commercials, this was the best option for them.

After a few months of delivering a strong ROAS we suggested optimizing towards a Cost-Per-Visit (CPV) metric for new customers. This shift allowed their Paid Search, Social, PLA’s and SEO drive the conversion, while Connected TV advertising drove the user to the site. The results were astonishing.

Test vs Control Metrics


Lift in Markets When Running CTV


New-to-File Users


Established Test vs Control Regions

The most crucial element of any control group test is to make sure we have the cleanest data possible. This means establishing a clean and comparable test geo vs control geo.

We ran an analysis of their current site visitors and the population of those regions to pair up specific geos that had similar populations, similar household incomes and buying behaviours.

We then selected a variety of different areas within them, from metropolitan cities to rural regions. This gave us a full look at where our marketing efforts had the most impact.

Built Customized Lookalike Audiences Based On First-Party Data

By utilizing their first-party data collected via our Universal pixel placed on the Advertiser’s site, we were able to build unique, geo-specific Lookalike segments.

These Lookalike segments aligned with each audience subset and the highest engaging buyers.

Optimized Persona Targeting in Each Region

We partnered with a leading location data provider to track and serve against the brand’s target audiences visiting health and athletic clothing stores.

We were confident in which audiences worked best in each region, therefore we were able to build out custom persona-based audiences to optimize our geo-targeting capabilities.


Each test audience resulted in a positive lift compared to their control audiences.

We saw up to a 41% lift in new-to-file users. This validated that optimizing their Connected TV advertising budgets to a Cost-Per-Visit increased the overall site revenue, monthly subscribers, and site traffic.

Connected TV advertising is now considered a staple in their marketing efforts.