CTV Conversions Under-Counted By 1.35X

CTV Conversions Under-Counted By 1.35X

CTV Conversions Under-Counted By 1.35X 1920 1080 Keynes Digital

3rd-party measurement solution finds Connected TV conversions being under-counted by 1.35X!


Keynes partners with a family-run business fueled by purpose and optimism. This brand’s long-term goal is to build a new American legacy by creating high-quality, sustainably-minded, feel-good favorites that will bring you joy to wear.

They originally introduced Keynes into their marketing mix to test the impact of Connected TV advertising on their overall sales. They were looking to leverage some of their curated video content to target prospective customers in a new way.

Keynes built a customized targeting strategy to drive online purchases and new, qualified traffic to their site.

This included curating audiences, selecting network preferences, structuring optimal optimization tactics, and purchasing the media to run for the campaign.

Immediately upon launch, the campaigns showed positive conversion results, achieving over a 3.3:1 ROAS. Our partner suggested introducing Measured to help validate these results reported by Keynes. Measured is an independent platform partner built to help DTC brands make wiser decisions through incremental measurement.

The goal was to uncover how many incremental conversions could be attributed to the brand’s Connected TV advertising campaign running through Keynes.

Our partner relied on Keynes’ results to make confident, data-driven decisions with their digital marketing spend.



CTV Prospecting


CTV Retargeting


Identify Market Selection

Select markets with a high correlation to national sales.

Run Test

Holdout media spend from selected markets.

Measure Incrementality

Observe sales impact in transaction data during the media holdout period.


At the end of the 30-day test, Measured determined that Keynes was underreporting their campaign conversions by 1.35X!

By withholding ads from a segment within the target audience, a test and control experiment can reveal what percentage of conversions would have happened anyway and what can be attributed to the media.

Keynes was tasked to answer whether this Connected TV advertising campaign drove incremental sales that otherwise would not have occurred. The answer is yes.

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