CTV Elevates Conversion Rates for Established Media Channels

CTV Elevates Conversion Rates for Established Media Channels

CTV Elevates Conversion Rates for Established Media Channels 1920 1080 Keynes Digital

The CTV Halo Effect


A luxury brand that offers a wide range of home scents and fragrances began working with Keynes Digital to help encourage existing website visitors and previous customers to purchase on-site through Display Retargeting. Happy with their initial results with lower-funnel initiatives, the Advertiser was interested in ramping up their growth with Keynes during their most significant holiday season.

The Advertiser chose Connected TV to reach and drive new qualified visitors to the site to support their Festive campaign.

In a pilot phase with a previous Connected TV partner, the Advertiser found it challenging to drive new website visitors cost-effectively because of their audience targeting limitations. Through a test-and-learn strategy, utilizing Keynes’ wide range of tactics, cross-device user level tracking, and the brand’s CRM lists, Keynes identified and reached target audiences that improved campaign costs.



New Users






Conversion Rate


Leveraged First-Party Data to Drive New Users to Site

Using a first-party pixel on the Advertiser’s website, Keynes tracked user behavior, such as browsing history, product views, and purchases. Keynes created custom audiences based on the Advertiser’s existing customers and used this data to build AI lookalike audiences, targeting users most likely to be interested in their products.

Keynes also used the CRM lists to help create lookalike segments. The Advertiser identified and segmented these users into different groups based on their level of engagement with the brand. These were built based on factors such as the time of purchase, the category of products purchased and included segments like past Festive/Holiday purchasers.

Targeted Users Based on Online Search Behaviors

Keynes recommended targeting users searching for content online that was relevant to the Advertiser’s products. The teams worked together to create a diverse list of keywords and categories most relevant to their brand. Lists included keywords such as “fall candles”, “candle gift set”, and “reed diffusers.” This targeting method served commercials to users browsing contextually relevant content across the web.

Created Bespoke Interest and Affinity-Based Audiences

Keynes’ partnerships with 230 leading global audience providers give them access to a wide selection of demographic, behavioral, and interest-based data. Keynes used the learnings from initial targeting with segments within categories like luxury, travel, and holiday sale shopping to create different personas. Keynes then doubled down on individual segments that comprised the Advertiser’s ideal prospective customers (e.g. “Meet Sarah, a 42-year-old yoga enthusiast with a passion for Lululemon and Theory attire, a dedicated shopper at home goods stores like Pottery Barn, a loyal customer of Whole Foods, and an avid fan of high-quality beauty stores like Bluemercury.”

Keynes also incorporated gifting leading up to key holiday shipping cutoff dates to not only target potential customers for themselves but users that were likely also in-market for friends and family.

Tested a Variety of Creative Messages

The Advertiser had a variety of video and display assets available for testing. Each had a unique product feature, a collection of their bestselling seasonal home fragrances, and compelling incentives for consumers, like Complimentary Shipping and a Welcome Offer for 15% off for first-time purchasers. The CTV campaign featured a combination of :15 sec and :30 sec ads to increase reach. With similar concepts running across other media campaigns, the objective was to create a unified marketing approach and help inform what combination of product and incentive performed best for this high-impact channel.


The Advertiser saw substantial growth across metrics after adding Keynes to their media mix. While CTV may seem like a costly channel, when looking at the program holistically (Video + Display Companion Ads), it is comparable to and often more affordable on an impression basis, than paid social channels for the Advertiser.

Bidding programmatically vs. direct buys with specific networks continues to be the most cost-effective approach for the Advertiser when it comes to CTV ad buying.

Keynes’ strategic Connected TV advertising planning and audience optimization outperformed all of the Advertiser’s key metrics quarter-over-quarter and successfully proved Connected TV advertising to be a powerful channel for their brand.


Additional Notes:

*The data reflects metrics from 8-week campaign flight vs. the same time period prior to launch.

*Users who were exposed to a Keynes CTV ad that visited the Advertisers site via any other paid media were significantly more likely to become customers, compared to users who were not exposed to a CTV commercial.

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