CTV Improves Conversion Rates of Other Paid Channels

CTV Improves Conversion Rates of Other Paid Channels

CTV Improves Conversion Rates of Other Paid Channels 1920 1080 Keynes Digital

CTV + Paid Social vs. only Paid Social: 7X Higher Conversion Rate


A luxury brand that offers a wide range of home scents and fragrances began working with Keynes Digital to help encourage existing website visitors and previous customers to purchase on-site. They were happy with the results Keynes drove with their lower-funnel initiatives through Display and Native Retargeting. After understanding the benefits of working with the Keynes experts on these channels, the Advertiser became more interested in ramping up their growth for their most significant holiday season.

The goal was to drive qualified e-commerce site visitors and new customers from their three key category initiatives, reintroducing Connected TV advertising into their marketing strategy.:

  • Holiday Home Fragrance
  • Perfume Oils
  • Wellness Collection

Formerly, Connected TV advertising was unable to drive new website visitors cost-effectively for this Advertiser. Yet they still decided to test Keynes’s Connected TV to see if our methodology could provide better results.



New Users






Conversion Rate


Leveraged First-Party Data to Re-engage Past Purchasers

Using a first-party pixel on their website, Keynes tracked user behavior, such as browsing history, product views, and purchases. Keynes created custom audiences based on the Advertisers’ existing customers and used this data to build AI lookalike audiences, targeting users more likely to be interested in their specific categories of products.

Keynes also used their CRM lists to help re-engage past purchasers. The Advertiser identified and segmented these users into different groups based on their level of engagement with the brand. These were built based on factors such as the time of purchase and the category of products purchased. These included segments like past holiday purchasers and purchasers of previous Perfume Oil products.

Targeted Users based on their Online Search Behaviors

Keynes was looking to target users searching for content online that was relevant to the Advertisers’ products. The teams worked together to create diverse lists of keywords and categories most relevant to their brand, the luxury product industry, and specific to each campaign. These lists included keywords such as “fine fragrance,” “scented candles,” and “reed diffusers.” This targeting method served ads to users browsing contextually relevant content across the web and watching TV content within relevant categories.

Created Bespoke Interest and Affinity-based Audiences

Keynes’ partnerships with 186 leading global audience providers give them access to a wide selection of demographic, behavioral, and interest-based data. The Advertiser had specific product lines they wanted to focus this CTV campaign on. Therefore Keynes created bespoke audiences that aligned with each of those product categories.

For example, we included older luxury-focused users in-market for fragrances, specifically for their Perfume Oils campaign, and younger luxury users prioritizing health and wellness for their Wellness campaign.


The Advertiser saw substantial growth in all key metrics after adding Keynes’ campaigns. Keynes CTV Campaigns not only saw an all-around lift but found they improved the conversion rates of other paid media channels!

Users who were exposed to a Keynes CTV commercial that came to the site via any other paid media were significantly more likely to become customers in comparison to users who came to their site through other paid media channels and were not exposed to a CTV commercial. See below for the impact.:

  • CTV + Paid Search vs. only Paid Search: 3X Higher Conversion Rate 
  • CTV + Paid Social vs. only Paid Social: 7X Higher Conversion Rate 
  • CTV + Email vs. only Email: 2X Higher Conversion Rate 
  • CTV + All Other Paid Media vs. only All Other Paid Media: 3X Higher Conversion Rate

Keynes’ strategic Connected TV advertising planning and audience optimization outperformed all of the Advertiser’s key metrics Quarter over Quarter and successfully proved Connected TV to be a powerful channel for their brand.

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