Fitness Hardware App Boosts On-Site Sales Using CTV

Fitness Hardware App Boosts On-Site Sales Using CTV

Fitness Hardware App Boosts On-Site Sales Using CTV 2560 1280 Keynes Digital

4.98x Site Traffic in First Full Month Live


Keynes Digital partnered with a fast-growing at-home fitness equipment and app brand. This company historically ran all paid efforts in-house and was spending 7 figures a month on social media and paid search. With an abundance of high-quality video assets and Keynes’ ability to track users from watching a TV commercial all the way through to purchasing online or downloading an app, we presented an opportunity to continue their growth with an exciting new channel, Connected TV advertising.



Site Traffic after 1 Month


Site Conversions after 1 Month


Visit-To-Purchase Rate

Cost Per Visitors Equals Non-Branded Search


Leveraged First-Party Data to Build Customized Audience Targeting

By utilizing their first-party data, collected via our pixel placed on the advertiser’s site, we were able to cross reference their consumer behaviors with thousands of third-party segments to establish an audience that mirrors their current customers.

Focused on Top-Performing Segments and Networks

We created a two-pronged approach for our campaign execution. We initially ran with an audience-first strategy to gain learnings on who our top consumer groups were and analyzed our top-performing networks. With these insights, we then established network-direct relationships in order to run exclusively on premium Connected TV networks, such as ESPN and NBC Sports, targeting our highest intent user groups.

Launched Companion Banners to Support our Video Tactics

Alongside our video creatives, we formulated a segment specifically targeted towards users who viewed 100% of the video ads. This segment received coinciding Display banners that helped reinforce our messaging and drive down our overall Cost-Per-Visitor to site.


With Keynes’ strategic approach and expertise, our client was able to increase audience reach, new to file visitors, and new subscribers significantly using the Connected TV channel.

Within 2 weeks of going live, our advertiser increased their initial test budget by 6.5x. We drove an overall Cost-Per-Visit of $1.67, 17% lower than our projected target, with a 1.9% Visit-To-Purchase rate. Lastly, our clients’ raw Site Traffic was 4.8x higher compared to when the campaign was not live.

Given these successes, our client currently uses this tactic to continue expanding their social video presence and grow their top performing network-direct relationships.