Geo-Focused Test with Connected TV Advertising

Geo-Focused Test with Connected TV Advertising

Geo-Focused Test with Connected TV Advertising 1920 1080 Keynes Digital

118% Increase in Raw Site Revenue with Connected TV Advertising


A fast-growing, high-quality DTC pet food company turned to Keynes for a Connected TV strategy to build more exposure to its brand. Their feature on Shark Tank helped build brand recognition and they wanted to continue to demonstrate growth across key regions.

For the duration of this 60-day test, Keynes Digital implemented various strategies to drive New Users to the advertiser’s site and increase overall Sales Revenue. It was crucial to help the brand understand the impact Connected TV advertising had on the full customer journey, including its other paid media channels.



Raw Site Revenue


Paid Search Revenue


Direct Revenue


Organic Search Revenue


Optimized Based On Test and Control Groups

This advertiser’s goal was to expand its footprint within a number of its top regions to encourage further adoption of its premium pet products. Keynes launched its Connected TV advertising campaign in 23 of their top-performing DMAs to show a lift in traffic and sales in these regions.

Established Target Audiences Based On First-Party Data

Keynes worked closely with the brand to understand its core and desired consumers and conducted a market research analysis to build a custom audience strategy. We focused heavily on interest and behavioral attributes targeting healthy, vegan consumers paired with current and prospective dog owners. Keynes also leveraged numerous demographic, location-based, and previous purchase data gathered from first-party and third-party data sources. This multifaceted targeting strategy helped us consistently test and optimize audiences throughout the campaign.

Layered In Programmatic Audio

To expand our reach and increase our touchpoints with prospective customers, we also added Programmatic Audio within these top geos.


Given the success of the campaign to date, this advertiser has continued to scale spend and expand its programmatic initiatives. With 52% more spend on Connected TV advertising so far, Keynes has seen 1.8X more conversions for the campaign.

Our target geos saw a 118% increase in Raw Site Revenue with the launch of Connected TV advertising. The geos that did not see Connected TV ads did not see any lift during this time. Looking at our overall Cost-Per-Visit (CPV), we were extremely efficient in driving users to the site with a CPV of $0.28 lower than their Non-Branded CPC.

With the addition of launching Programmatic Audio, this advertiser increased its reach by an additional 50%. And within that first month of launch, our target geos saw a net increase of 30% in Raw Site Revenue compared to the rest of the US.

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