Pet Brand Seeks More From Current CTV Partner

Pet Brand Seeks More From Current CTV Partner

Pet Brand Seeks More From Current CTV Partner 1920 1080 Keynes Digital

30% Increase in New Users with Keynes Digital


A luxury product company approached Keynes to help them establish if they were getting the most out of their Connected TV campaign. With 7 figure monthly marketing budgets and experience in linear TV, their initial test results in Connected TV were underwhelming.

They were working directly with one of the largest CTV hardware manufacturers, as well as a self-serve CTV advertising technology company. Their complaint was when they increased spend with the advertising technology company they saw no positive impact in their internal metrics.

As a result of their underwhelming performance in CTV, they decided to run a head-to-head test between Keynes and the CTV Advertising Technology Company, to see if Connected TV can be a performance marketing channel.

Head-to-Head Metrics


New Users


Overall Users


Revenue Per Transaction (AOV)

Cost-Per-User Remained Under $0.04


Analyzed Current Audiences

We believe in testing as many audiences as possible but don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. With millions of Monthly Unique Visitors (MUVs), we had plenty of data and past performance to work off of. We ran a full analysis of what had and had not worked for the brand in the past to help our optimization engine drive the best possible performance.

Build First-Party Audience Plan

More data equals more insights. With such a large audience base, we utilized our Universal Tracking Pixel placed on the Advertiser’s site to establish a strong foundation for our media plan. After collecting enough data, we passed that on to every data provider we partner with to establish a relevancy score against all the data providers’ taxonomies. This data approach allowed Keynes to buy the most relevant audiences at the lowest prices.

Transparent Reporting

Our fully transparent and granular dashboard exposed all our campaign findings. This luxury advertiser understood what was successful, starting from an overall snapshot of their campaign via an Executive Summary tab, trickling down to insights by Hour, Technology, Creative, TV Network, and more. This proved how impactful their campaign messaging was in driving new customers to their site at a remarkably efficient rate.


The Advertiser was blown away by how Keynes ran its Connected TV campaigns. With up to a 30% increase in New Users, based on Google Analytics data, and a Cost-Per-User under $1, they instantly saw the value of Keynes. Keynes’s full-service team of experts took the rains to increase the Advertiser’s ROI, allowing them to spend more time on other market channels. Knowing that Keynes’ reporting was fully transparent gave them the comfort and knowledge that they’d made the right decisions with their marketing spend.

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