Keynes Digital vs Top Global Agency

Keynes Digital vs Top Global Agency

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Brand Triples Investment in Channel After Results


A consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand prompted Keynes Digital to test Display Prospecting and Retargeting against their current top 5 global ad agency. This brand sells in convenience stores nationwide as well as a very strong online direct-to-consumer offering. Their team was seeing a reasonable ROI from their current agency partner, but thought their marketing budget could go further. Internally, their team was looking for expertise in anything digital to help grow their business and bring on industry thought leading partners.

Head-to-Head Metrics


Overall Revenue


Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)


Average Spend Per Customer


Investment using Display


Identified and Targeted the Right Audience

We leveraged our first-party pixel data for 2 reasons. 1) For Retargeting. By building segmented audiences based on their current site visitors, we were able to target their highest intent users, who are not current customers. 2) For Prospecting. By building and buying the most accurate third-party data. From custom Lookalike (LAL) audiences to music festival goers, we were able to build a full persona of high valued audiences.

Geo Farming Audiences

We worked with a leading location data provider to create specific geo-farming segments. We targeted users who have previously visited relevant retail and event locations to convert them from in-store shoppers to DTC online shoppers.

Human-Machine Optimization Tactics

With a human-machine approach, we allowed our system to optimize in real time and used our expertise and learnings to make small adjustments, as needed. This combined approach enabled us to hit performance targets faster, while adding audiences that an Artificial Intelligence might not find.


Due to our strategic planning and activation, this client has since turned off their previous Display partner and are exclusively using Keynes for programmatic. While assuming the budget from their previous partner, they have entirely increased their overall revenue and tripled their overall level of investment for the channel. Given their successes seen with Keynes’ display campaigns, our client expanded in Connected TV advertising to continue to drive incremental revenue for their brand.