Subscription Service Doubles Conversions with CTV

Subscription Service Doubles Conversions with CTV

Subscription Service Doubles Conversions with CTV 1920 1080 Keynes Digital

98% Increase in Daily Subscriptions


A premium online-only, direct-to-consumer pet subscription box service approached Keynes to create a direct response solution to encourage new audiences to convert. Historically, this brand struggled with finding new mid/upper-funnel marketing solutions that could effectively back into their new customer cost-per-acquisition performance goal. We teamed up with their marketing agency to help guide them in creating engaging videos that appealed to their target consumer base. In a very saturated market for this Advertiser, Keynes was tasked with helping the brand break through the clutter, hone in on their niche target audience, and encourage prospective customers to visit the site and subscribe.



Average Daily Site Visits


Average Daily Subscriptions

New User Cost-Per-Visit (CPV) Less Than $1.50


Customized our Approach to Lookalike (LAL) Modeling

This brand offers a variety of customizable product categories for its customers, each tailored to a specific set of consumer needs. We wanted to mirror this customized approach in our lookalike targeting. We used their first-party data to construct segments based on what their prospective buyers were interested in and then created unique modeling off of each. In doing so, we were able to have a variety of Lookalike modeled segments to optimize towards, ensuring we appealed to all types of their consumers and allowed our system to spend towards the highest engagers.

Created Unique Location-Based Targeting Segments

We leaned heavily on geo-targeting and geo-farming data and our partnership with a leading location data provider, Foursquare. We took an out-of-the-box approach here, targeting consumers not only where they shopped for similar products, but in other locations, such as vets and dog parks, that would indicate they were a good match for our target audience.

Launched Direct Partnerships with Top Performing TV Networks via Connected TV

Once the Advertiser went live, we had a clear understanding of what premium networks were performing, and we were able to negotiate lower rates with the top TV networks, such as Hulu, Fox News, and ABC. We created a customized tiered approach by pairing our core audience insights with our premium TV network reach and findings. We coated this approach by serving users a Display ad after viewing 100% of the CTV video campaign, which helped drive down the overall CPM, encourage brand awareness and increase efficiency.


With Keynes’s expertise and divergent approach to targeting and engaging the Advertiser’s potential subscribers, we optimized our AI engine to focus on the best-performing indicators. In just 1-month, we increased overall daily site visitors by 21% which led to a drastic jump to 98% of daily pet subscription holders.

Using the new Connected TV channel as a performance measure to target new high-intent audiences helped us to significantly surpass the Advertiser’s benchmark goals.

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