Security Software Savvy with Connected TV

Security Software Savvy with Connected TV

Security Software Savvy with Connected TV 1920 1080 Keynes Digital

215% Increase in New Users after One Month of Launching Connected TV


As a cybersecurity company, this advertiser has multiple target audiences with a B2B and a B2C offering. Historically, this advertiser allocated all of their marketing budgets to Paid Search and Social but needed to see more growth.

They expressed concerns with their marketing materials and wanted to rebuild their messaging. Keynes worked directly with its marketing team and creative partner to help guide them in building a strong TV commercial that would capture the attention of its consumers. Keynes was tasked with driving New Users to the site while maintaining a low Cost-Per-Visit (CPV) outcome. The results were remarkable.



New Users within a Month of Launching CTV


Transaction Value (AOV) with a Month of Launching CTV


Year over Year Growth with CTV


Out-of-the-Box Strategy

With the client’s specific business offering and broad reach, Keynes knew to execute this campaign with an audience-first approach. While the TV commercials were being created, Keynes began collecting first-party data via our Universal Tracking and Conversion Pixels coded on the Advertiser’s site. This initiated our AI engine to set specific optimization settings for each user type and spend thresholds to ensure a well-balanced distribution in driving incremental lift in New Users and Revenue.

Launched Upper-Funnel Tactics to Drive New Users to the Site

Keynes created a list of keywords to target based on the content users were consuming as they browsed the web. We then curated hyper-targeted segments that mimicked the advertiser’s highest engagers on site. This allowed us to combine the contextual and behavioral segments to create hyper-customized upper-funnel segments to add to the upper-funnel prospecting tactics to drive more New Users to the site.

Executed the Performance Channel

To optimize towards a Cost-Per-Visit goal, Keynes formulated an additional segment for prospective buyers to be served a companion banner after being exposed to a CTV ad. This allowed us to reinforce the advertiser’s brand messaging, further encourage users to visit the site and increase the overall Site Revenue at a more efficient Cost-Per-User.


Keynes’s team of experts and strategic out-of-the-box approach drove a 215% growth in New Users with a 28% lift in Transactions. After the first month live with Connected TV, the Advertiser doubled their budgets and saw a stark increase in conversions.

Connected TV proved to be the solution to their marketing efforts. The Advertiser has since launched internationally and recommended Keynes and Connected TV to multiple other brands.

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