What is the Value of my Connected TV Program?

What is the Value of my Connected TV Program?

What is the Value of my Connected TV Program? 1920 1080 Keynes Digital

6:1 Incremental ROAS in Geo Lift Analysis


Keynes worked with an industry-leading powersport company offering parts, riding gear, tires, and accessories. Their core focuses are on dirt bikes but expand into diverse categories such as Street Bikes, ATVs, UTVs, Cruisers, and E-Bikes.

The Advertiser was happy with their initial launch results demonstrating an overall lift in New Users but was interested in better understanding the magnitude of Connected TV’s impact. They wanted to focus on the incrementality of their business and compare performance against other video media channels to see if Connected TV was the channel for them. They asked Keynes to test the impact of Connected TV advertising on their overall Sales and introduce some of their new video content differently.

To conduct a Connected TV lift test, Keynes worked closely with this Advertiser’s analysts on establishing a geographic control group test. These geos helped Keynes identify the best targeting, flights, and structure to ensure a clear understanding of their goal and expectations.

To begin, the Advertiser split the country into quadrants by region. They created 4 DMA lists for targeting, all with similar population sizes and conversion rates. Each media partner targeted audiences and optimized the campaigns based on their best practices. The quadrants were as follows:

  • Keynes Only (CTV)
  • YouTube Only
  • Keynes CTV + YouTube
  • No Video

Each media partner measured the performance within the test regions against a set of control DMAs to determine the incremental sales lift for each group.



Incremental ROAS


Overall Sales Lift


New Users


Performing Geo



It is always crucial to identify New Users and drive them to the site to make a conversion. To launch this campaign, Keynes’ seasoned team of experts analyzed previous brand and Keynes-run campaign performance, created a customized audience targeting plan, and modeled numerous multivariate tests. This data allowed us to project better trends and build a strong foundation for the Advertiser’s CTV performance campaign. 


Keynes ran various targeting tactics allowing their AI to optimize against new audiences and users. Throughout the campaign, we allocated spend toward users who expressed interest and intent to purchase. Over the CTV campaign, Keynes analysts monitored the trends to create additional, bespoke audience groups to add to the algorithm.

Keynes worked with the Advertiser to create an assortment of CRM lists based on historical purchase behavior and ingested them for AI modeling.


No one wants expensive advertising costs. To lower the Cost-Per-User (CPU) consuming Premium content, Keynes locked in negotiated rates for the Advertiser’s top network partners. Keynes then created customized network groupings based on relevant, interest-based content.


Did running Keynes Connected TV advertising drive incremental Engagement and Sales that otherwise would not have occurred?

Yes! Throughout the test, Keynes saw dramatic increases in lift WoW and drove the highest incremental return for their “Keynes CTV Only” quadrant.

Keynes exceeded expectations and proved CTV advertising was their most impactful video channel in driving incremental sales.

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